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Plans For A Community Fridge In Scarborough

Plans For A Community Fridge In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 27th February 2020.

There could be a community fridge in Scarborough.

It is being setup by a number of residents, and it is being supported by Coast and Vale Community Action.

They are looking for volunteers to help out when it is up and running.

Jo Laking, Locality Worker at CaVCA, said:

"Community fridge is fundamentally a waste food project.

When we're talking about waste food, we're talking about food which a business can no longer sell, but it's still perfectly safe to eat.

The businesses have to pay to have their waste put into landfill, and these businesses will donate this waste food and the food will be made available to any body in the community.

This fridge is for any body who lives in the town and it's there for people to come along and take if they want it. 

It's waste food, it's not a food bank, there's no referral system.

I mean, it's great for people who might be struggling financially as there's free food there; but I have to stress that it's a waste food project that just happens to feed people, so we want people to come along and help themselves.

We have a location for the fridge, a local Church has very kindly offered to house the fridge.

It's in a fantastic central location as well and it's accessible for disabled people, mums with prams, and it's great as it's on a bus route.

Funding won't be an issue as for other fridges, as soon as they've announced what they want to do, they've had money given to them left, right, and centre.

What we need is people to come forward to say 'do you know what? We want to be a part of this and we want to help get it off the ground.'"

There is an open meeting today at Scarborough Library from 10am until 11am, for anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer.

If you cannot make it, then you can email or visit their Facebook Group:


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