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Scarborough Taxi Driver's License Suspended For Speeding

Scarborough Taxi Driver's License Suspended For Speeding

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 4:55pm 25th February 2020.

A Scarborough taxi driver has had his license suspended after being caught travelling at 97mph on the way back from a football match.

Steven Clegg, who drives for Atlas, was spotted by a mobile speed van on the dual carriageway section of the A64 at Whitwell on the Hill on April 19th last year.

Mr Clegg told a meeting of Scarborough Council’s licensing sub-committee today that he made an “error of judgement” and was rushing home to collect his son after a relative had failed to pick him up.

A review was called for by the authority into the licence of Mr Clegg after he was given five penalty points after his case went to court, taking the total number of points on his licence to 11.

Mr Clegg told the committee that he was a single parent and worked 50 hours a week as a taxi driver to support himself and his son.

He added that he fully accepted he was in the wrong and said the judge in his court case had reduced his penalty points from six to five so he could keep his licence in order to work.

The offence took place on April 19 2019 and Mr Clegg did not have a passenger in his car at the time.

Mr Clegg added:

“Taxi driving has been a way for me to support my son.

I have notes from my doctor stating I can’t do factory work or anything like it that requires standing for eight or nine hours a day.

Taxiing is actually a relief for my joints. I’ve had two knee operations, three ankle operations and I need more but because I’m self-employed I can’t afford time off to get them. If I’m not doing this it is very hard for me to find work.”

The councillors also heard that three points would be wiped from his licence in early April and that Mr Clegg had held a dual driver licence with the council since 2007 and had no complaints on his file.

Committee chairman Cllr Roberta Swiers told Mr Clegg that the committee felt the speeding offence was so serious that an immediate suspension of his licence to drive a taxi in the borough was justified.

She said:

“The sub-committee considered that the driver had prioritised collecting his son over the safety of himself, and most crucially, other road users.”

Cllr Swiers added that Mr Clegg had been fully compliant with the council and had also self suspended himself from the job after he was notified that he had been caught speeding until he had confirmation from the council that he could continue to operate, pending the conclusion of the criminal case and the licensing hearing.

The suspension will end on April 5 this year, when three of the penalty points from a previous offence come off his licence.

Mr Clegg has the right to appeal the decision to Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.


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