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Council Sets Date To Discuss Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report

Council Sets Date To Discuss Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report

Published by Karen Liu at 3:38pm 25th February 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council is set to hold a special meeting next month to discuss the Yorkshire Coast D-BID report.

The authority has revealed that its Audit Committee will discuss the findings of the Association of Electoral Administators' investigation on the 19th of March.

We told you how it looked into the role the council had in carrying out the ballot for the entire Yorkshire Coast area.

The results of the report has not yet been made public as the authority raised some points of clarification last week.

However, Yorkshire Coast Radio understands that the AEA's Chief Executive, Peter Stanyon, says they were entirely valid and solely aimed at ensuring statements made were clear and understood.

He adds that he needed to make a minor change to the conclusion, solely for completion purposes, but he stressed that Scarborough Borough Council has not influenced him in any way to 'change the body of the report or the findings'.

Mr. Stanyon also says he is aware that the authority cannot released the report until he has resubmitted it to them, which will be this week.

He also has to agree a meeting between himself and the council to formally present the report.

Meanwhile, some business owners in the East Riding who haven't yet paid the levy were due in court this week, after being issued with a summon.

79 summons were issued to non-payers last month, but now there are only 36.

In Scarborough Borough, 306 accounts remain unpaid. 

A spokesman for the council said:

"The council is following its protocol for the issuing of summonses in accordance with the agreement with the BID company. 

As stated previously, irrespective of the investigation report, we have a duty to ensure all the BID levies are collected, but as yet, no date has been fixed for when the summonses will be issued."



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Fileyman, on 25th February 2020 5:42pm
Will this be a wire wash.

And as nobody knows if the ballot broke the law, so how can councils take non payers to court for what could in effect be a illegal organisation
PhillH, on 25th February 2020 7:41pm
I am a Bridlington business owner and have received a demand for me to hand over money, I did not receive a ballot/consultation nor have a received a business plan.

There is no way to contact anyone at this bid website nor is there any way to contact anyone from the levy payers association.

Its not good that these people are just demanding money and we do not know how these people are or what the money will be spent on.
zara, on 26th February 2020 7:48am
You can bet that if it was a meeting about their allowances and expenses it would have been held yesterday and whilst Mr Stanyon says he has not been influenced by the council they have had the report a couple of weeks now and it was a minor clarification he had to do but it will take another couple of weeks to formally hand it over to them!!! The whole DBID business stinks.
Fileyman, on 26th February 2020 8:27am
There are quite a few articles on the nyenquirer website about the enquiry.

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