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MPs Raise Concerns About Scarborough Hospital

MPs Raise Concerns About Scarborough Hospital

Published by Karen Liu at 5:09pm 24th February 2020. (Updated at 7:19am 26th February 2020)

The MPs for Scarborough and Filey have raised their concerns with Health Ministers about Scarborough Hospital.

Kevin Hollinrake, Robert Goodwill, and Rishi Sunak (Richmond MP) reckon Health Ministers will review the way small rural hospitals are funded, following a meeting between all parties.

The MPs have raised their concerns with ministers about the challenges facing Scarborough and Friarage hospitals on a number of occasions.

Filey MP, Kevin Hollinrake, said:

"The hospitals are classified as ‘unavoidably small’ because they serve relatively small populations but, owing to their remote locations, need to provide as wide a range of services as possible so that patients don’t have to make unnecessarily long journeys, often in discomfort, to seek medical care. As a consequence these hospitals cost more to run.

I certainly welcome any reform to the system. Although the hospitals do receive some extra funding because of their size and location, it doesn’t make up for the fact that they don’t receive extra ‘payments by results’ which some of the larger hospitals qualify for.

This is not fair to our constituents who are just as entitled to the excellent health care enjoyed by people living near much bigger hospitals".

Kevin's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..

The MP says Health Minister, Edward Argar MP, agreed to consider the way small hospitals are funded, taking the matter up with the NHS to see what more can be done to better meet the needs of small, rural hospitals.

Mr. Hollinrake added:

“We certainly don’t want to rob Peter to pay Paul but we would like to see a fair share of the additional £33.9 billion recently announced by the Government for the NHS allocated to small hospitals like Scarborough and the Friarage”.

Robert Goodwill added:

”This situation has gone on too long. The funding arrangements need to recognise that we can’t achieve the economies of scale enjoyed by hospitals in big cities but we still need to deliver a wide range of services and minimise the number of patients who have to travel to York”.

Rishi Sunak, who has recently been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, welcomed the meeting with the Minister to discuss small hospital funding. He said:

“The issues rural hospitals, like the Friarage, face are different both in terms of the size of the areas they serve and meeting the ever-rising clinical standards of care. These issues should be adequately reflected in the NHS funding formula.”


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zara, on 25th February 2020 12:15pm
well i am pleased to see that our MPs are actually asking the important questions, now all we need is for them to continue until we get results.
Fileyman, on 26th February 2020 8:22am
Interesting that Goodwill is showing his face on this.

His buddy Jeremy Hunt whom he voted for in the Prime Minister election vote was the health minister responsible for the state of the NHS today.

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