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Observation Wheel Could Return To Scarborough Seafront

Observation Wheel Could Return To Scarborough Seafront

Published by Karen Liu at 4:50pm 24th February 2020.

A decision is expected this week on the lease of the former Futurist Theatre site in Scarborough.

A report to the Borough Council shows a proposed observation wheel and adventure golf on the land.

The authority's Cabinet Member for the Economy, Communities and Commercial, Liz Colling, is expected to make a decision on the report on Friday (28th February).

It says:

"The site is currently vacant following the demolition of the old Futurist Theatre.

"Following a successful 2019 trading season by Observation Wheel UK Limited, the Estates and Strategic Land Team were requested to market the site again for the 2020 season for the erection and operation of an observational wheel and ancillary concessions by way of a sealed tender process. The closing date for the tender was 12 noon on the 14th February 2020."

It adds:

"It is proposed that the wheel and adventure golf will be brought to site on the 23rd March and will be erected over 13 days.

The proposed tenant will then operate the wheel and ancillary concession initially for 28 days without planning consent from the 4th April to the 1st May 2020.

Upon approval of this report, the proposed tenant will submit a planning application to seek consent to occupy the site for the duration of the lease period."

The report highlights the risks if Cllr. Colling does not agree to the proposal, saying the site will remain vacant for the 2020 season and there will be a loss of rental income.


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Fileyman, on 24th February 2020 5:05pm
What a farce.

Another example of SBC inefficiency.

Because SBC did not listen to the majority we have a big open eyesore on the seafront.

And we have a company prepared to come back again and SBC drag there heels and put obstacles in the way.

The Orical, on 25th February 2020 1:58am
Does this mean that Flamingo Lands development
has been scrapped due to the delay and constant
indecision by councilors once again. Come on SBC
get your act together and sing from one hymn
zara, on 25th February 2020 12:18pm
what they mean is that it is a done deal so why all the flim flam. Just one question how long is the lease for???
JohnfromScarborough, on 25th February 2020 3:40pm
Is adventure golf, the same as crazy golf in old money?
PhillH, on 25th February 2020 7:50pm
They should be a theatre there and bring in acts and bands from around the world, oh wait we had that.

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