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Archaeological Display in Bridlington

Archaeological Display in Bridlington

Published by Jon Burke at 10:38am 24th February 2020.

A new display at Bridlington Central Library in King Street from Wednesday, 4 March will look at the ongoing archaeological dig at Queensgate Allotments in the town.

The dig is in its fourth year with members of Bridlington U3A BUGG (Archaeology, Geology, Church Fabric Group).

The area was once part of 'The Moor', an area of waste land fit for only pastoral farming and small holdings, which owes its origins to the Ice Age, when East Yorkshire was part of 'Doggerland'. The ice left behind boulder clay which is impermeable, making the area liable to flooding.

Early Mesolithic hunter gatherers were attracted to the site for hunting and left their distinctive stone tools behind, as did the early Neolithic farmers, who also hunted there. By the Iron Age people may have settled the site, probably with round houses using crude pottery and then later, better Roman pottery from the kilns at Holme on Spalding Moor. In Medieval times, the influence of the Priory is seen in distinctive pottery which continues into Victorian times, as do clay pipes and stems.

East Riding Archaeological Society did a geophysical survey of one of the car park areas and using this has unearthed a number of post holes of unknown age.

The display will be on show from Wednesday, 4 March until Monday, 23 March and is next to Bridlington Local Studies Library, on the first floor.

On Thursday, 5 March, local historian Richard Myerscough will give a free talk all about the dig, at 10.30am, in the community area, which is next to the display, just by Bridlington local studies library.

Bridlington Central Library is open:

Mon 9.30am - 5pm
Tue Closed
Wed 9.30am - 6pm
Thu 9.30am - 3pm
Fri Closed
Sat 9.30am - 1pm


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