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Views Wanted On St. Hilda's School In Whitby

Views Wanted On St. Hilda's School In Whitby

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 24th February 2020.

People are being asked to express their views about St. Hilda's School in Whitby.

A consultation starts today for six weeks, after it was approved by North Yorkshire County Council.

The school's facing closure with its governors citing on-going financial challenges and declining pupil numbers.

Leanne Coates, who has a child who goes to the St. Hilda's, said:

"There definitely needs to be more pupils at the school and we don't understand why people don't bring their children there.

They've got small classes, children get one-to-one readings every day.

It's such a small school that can offer so much more one-to-one attention on all subjects.

I think the fact that it's a Catholic school definitely puts people off, but both myself and Alison aren't religious and obviously our children go there. You don't have to be Catholic."

St Hilda’s currently has just 24 pupils, only four of whom are Catholic. Just two children are scheduled to start in the Reception class when the 2020/21 school year starts in September with nine set to move on to secondary schools.

The school originally had the capacity to take 105 children but this was reduced to 74 last year as the number of pupils tumbled.

Alison Coates, whose child also goes to St. Hilda's, said the number's aren't declining:

"If you are really considering, were considering applying to join the school, please put your child's name back down.

The projection figures that the Diocese and the Governors are working with were retracted when people saw the insecurity of the word 'consultation', confusing it with being 'closure'."

A petition, which started two weeks ago, has reached almost 300 signatures.


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Fileyman, on 24th February 2020 8:30am
Get the maths teacher to look at the figures.

The school only has 24 pupils, but 300 have signed a petition.

So where are the missing 276 pupils

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