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Yorkshire Coast D-BID Businesses Due in Court

Yorkshire Coast D-BID Businesses Due in Court

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 21st February 2020. (Updated at 7:05am 21st February 2020)

Business owners who haven't yet paid the levy for the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme are still facing court summons.

In the East Riding, 79 summons were issued to non-payers last month, but that figure's now dropped to 36.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council Spokesperson said:

"As the collection agent for the Yorkshire Coast BID, the council issued summons for 79 accounts in default. As of today, that figure is now 36 accounts."  

At least some of those are due in court next week, even though a report, looking at the validity of the ballot carried out by Scarborough Borough Council, hasn't yet been published.

In Scarborough Borough, 306 accounts remain unpaid.

The council says it has a duty to ensure all BID levies are collected, but has no date yet for when it will issue any summons.

We still don't know when the results of the independent review, carried out by the Association of Electoral Administrators, will be made public.


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Peter croft, on 21st February 2020 10:28am
Surely common sense must prevail and businesses should not
be in court when the whole bid is being investigated
Further more why are councils issuing summonses when they do not appear to know if the bid is legal, and the report has to be scrutinised.
Where are all the councillors from all political parties, why are they not calling for the whole process to be stopped until an outcome is achieved
Finally if the bid group has all this money sloshing around where is it going because I can’t see any major changes other than packing a bus with people from Sheffield to Brid for two nights
PhillH, on 25th February 2020 8:05pm
I have 2 buinesses in Bridlington and i am press ganged in to paying up for something i do not agree to and i can say i benefitted to the grand total of £0 from this so called bus full, what a joke.

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