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Row Over Car Cruising Event In Scarborough

Row Over Car Cruising Event In Scarborough

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 10:21am 20th February 2020.

Police and car enthusiasts could be heading towards a showdown on Scarborough seafront over an event planned for next month.

North Yorkshire Police has today said that a “car cruise” being advertised on social media does not have permission to take place.

The Static Royals’ organised event claims it will take place on March 1, with the club adamant that drivers will be turning up on the seafront regardless of the police’s stance.

The police say that no permission has been given and any event, and even the publicising of such an event, is in breach of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) brought in for Scarborough in 2018 after Royal Albert Drive was damaged during a car cruise.

Scarborough Police’s Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Graeme Kynman said:

“We are aware that a ‘car cruise’ event is being planned on Scarborough’s Marine Drive on Sunday March 1.

The borough of Scarborough is subject to a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to make sure that our residents, businesses and visitors feel safe.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

This includes participating in car cruising by being the driver of or being carried in or on a vehicle where car cruising is taking place; or promoting, organising or publicising car cruising; or attending any meeting either as a vehicle owner, driver, passenger or spectator where a reasonable person would consider that car cruising was or is taking place.

Anyone who commits an offence may receive a £100 fixed penalty notice or face a criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.”

Ryan Linley, from the Static Royals, says that while he is not organising the event on behalf of the club, Royals are confident they are breaking no laws.

He said:

“The PSPO covers laws that are already in place. As long as nobody does anything stupid like playing loud music, speeding, stunts or obstructing the road then it is perfectly legal. I would hope that nobody would do anything stupid.

All the things the PSPO outlaws are covered by existing laws. It says two cars can’t travel in convoy but only if they are committing a prohibited act, such as speeding or stunts. If 500 cars turn up, obey the laws and park up peacefully then there is nothing the police or anyone can do.”

Mr Linley claims he was interviewed under caution by the police yesterday who quizzed him about the event as he is one of the club’s Facebook page administrators and advertising the car cruise could also be a breach of the PSPO.

Car cruises to Scarborough seafront have been a common sight in the town for many years but relations between the clubs and the police and Scarborough Council soured in 2017 after £50,000 worth of damage was caused to Royal Albert Drive following a Static Royals car event.

The then newly resurfaced road was left shredded with melted rubber stuck to the tarmac near the Oasis Cafe after a driver “burnt out” their tyres.

The club said the driver, who was later prosecuted, was not linked to the Static Royals in any way.

The following year the PSPO was brought in and cruises have since ceased.


There are 4 comments on this page.

zara, on 20th February 2020 2:46pm
so are the police going to arrest anyone who is in a car down on the seafront? Or why not just close the roads for everyone. Council with their usual overkill attitude to anything they do not make money from,,,
Whitbyman, on 21st February 2020 9:44am
The council isn’t objecting its the police that’s doing this as far as I can see
andyh, on 20th February 2020 9:44pm
If a car driver breaks the law deliberately then he risks his car being crushed. Think on.
Colgate ep2, on 21st February 2020 2:50pm
Absolute rubbing! It was one driver that ruined it for everyone else you cant paint eveveryone in a modified car the same, these events bring loads of revenue to north bay and excitement to the people coming to look at everyones art work they have worked so hard for!! It's a passion and hobby like these that smoke weed or drink alcohol are even property investors! What because theres one bad landlord you say the rest are bad? Dont think so! So what target the modified scene and work against them when you can work with them instead and make it safe! I've seen posts over the years and emails posted up of the organisers asking for the police presence to make sure everything is safe and under control.

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