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No Timeline Yet for Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report

No Timeline Yet for Yorkshire Coast D-BID Report

Published by Jon Burke at 7:01am 20th February 2020.

There's no timeline yet on when the independent review into the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme will be published.

We told you yesterday, how a report carried out by the Association of Electoral Administrators was completed and sent to Scarborough Borough Council last week.

It looked into the role the authority played, as handler of the ballot for the scheme for the entire Yorkshire coast area. 

Some businesses have expressed concerns about the ballot not being fair, claiming they didn't know about it.

The council's confirmed it's received a first draft of the report, but has asked the AEA for clarification on a few points.

It says it will then go through its audit committee process.

It adds no timeline has yet been agreed for when this will happen, before the report is made available to the public.

Meanwhile some businesses owners are due in court, having been summonsed for non-payment of the D-BID levy.

A spokesperson for Scarborough Borough Council said:

“We have received a first draft of the report and have asked the AEA author for a few points of clarification on it. Once these have been received, the report will be taken through the council’s agreed audit committee process.”



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zara, on 20th February 2020 7:25am
Scarborough Council strike again!! What is it about these people that they obviously know there is at least some criticism of them in the report and that there are other processes being gone through up in London about this DBID and yet they are still taking the business owners to court. They could pause the court cases pending the outcome of those appeals and if YDBID do not like it tough. The organisation should not exist anyway.

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