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Concern Over Traffic Lights Planned in Scarborough

Concern Over Traffic Lights Planned in Scarborough

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 20th February 2020. (Updated at 12:23pm 20th February 2020)

A North Yorkshire county councillor from Scarborough is opposing plans to put traffic lights on a road junction in the town.

It's as the authority aims to improve the junction at the Crown Tavern,which joins Falsgrave Road, Scalby Road and Stepney Road.

At the moment, there's a painted roundabout which drivers use to access those three routes.

Councillor for Woodlands ward, Andrew Jenkinson, said:

"The plans are to put in traffic lights, but as we know in Scarborough, the traffic lights never work properly. In fact, the only time the traffic lights work, is when they're not working and they run smoothly.

They tell me the new ones will 'talk to each other'. Rubbish. They haven't in the past, so why should they now? The whole system needs revamping and roundabouts have always worked in the past."

Councillor Jenkinson wants a proper roundabout instead, with two clear lanes going into and out of it.

He's being supported by Boro Cars and Shoreline Cruisers and is asking for your views.

You can email him at

Richard Marr, North Yorkshire County Council area highways manager, said:

“The proposal to deliver a junction improvement scheme at the Stepney Road/Falsgrave Road junction in Scarborough is one of four junction improvement schemes that we are delivering in order to future proof the Scarborough Local Plan.  

Consequently the design work that has been done aims to ensure that these junctions will operate satisfactorily into the year 2032 with the forecast development growth in Scarborough.  

Officers have offered to meet with Cllr Jenkinson to talk him through the proposals and the modelling outputs and the invite has also been extended to Cllr Liz Colling as she is the local ward member for that area of Scarborough.”


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zara, on 20th February 2020 7:28am
well it is bad enough there now with the traffic lights at the bottom of falsgrave/seamer road being so close so yet another set of traffic lights will screw it up entirely. Obviously must be some idiots decision who does not use that road. What is it with the councils and traffic lights, do they take a cut from the manufacturers?
Fufflevalve, on 20th February 2020 9:52am
For Residents and Visitors alike :-

Welcome to Scarborough home to the most unintelligent "intelligent" traffic light system in the country, probably!

Scarborough council are probably still buying them from Harrogate where they realised that they don't service the needs effectively and went on to install, of all things, roundabouts.
Kat16, on 20th February 2020 1:11pm
Hopefully common sense will prevail and the council will listen to Andrew Jenkinson, But i won't hold my breath !!
Just my opinion, on 20th February 2020 6:09pm
Serious care and consideration needs to be taken before traffic replace the roundabout. Putting traffic lights at this junction WILL result in longer delays, more standing and polluting traffic. Congestion will get worse, its not particular good today even at low traffic movement times. Come high traffic flow and it will bring the area to a standstill. Drivers will look to take short cuts which is surely more dangerous.

We DO NOT need any more traffic lights in this town. Maybe we should have a sign under ‘Welcome to Scarborough’ the home of the traffic lights enjoy sitting in your car.

Let’s have a common sense approach.
andyh, on 20th February 2020 9:40pm
As said, traffic lights in Scarborough have never worked. Get rid and replace with roundabouts. The crown tavern corner will be a disaster with lights. Maybe the council leader should stand up and be brave about this before the county council drag our town to a standstill. And as for which idiot decided that orange bags over lights saves electricity as at seamer road p&r....give me strength. Just Turn Them Off. So simple if only a brain cell was present.
Acko, on 21st February 2020 12:12pm
The NYCC service provision to Scarborough is poor, rather then spending money on traffic lights that may make the congestion worse they should be repairing the dangerous potholes

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