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Action on Speeding in Seamer & Crossgates

Action on Speeding in Seamer & Crossgates

Published by Jon Burke at 12:18pm 19th February 2020.

Seamer Parish Council is taking decisive action on speeding, in partnership with North Yorkshire
County Council and North Yorkshire Police.

The Parish Council has invested over £6000 to purchase and deploy two “30 / 40mph Slow Down”
vehicle activated signs and fixings for their deployment between 4 sites on Main Street and Stoney
Haggs Road, Seamer, and the B1261 at Crossgates between the junctions with Crab Lane and
Rowan Fields, and on Cayton Low Road.

County Councillor David Jeffels has committed to contribute £750 of this from his Locality Budget, in addition to more that £1,000 to finalise other traffic calming solutions on the B1261 at Crossgates. The signs are being installed today and tomorrow.

North Yorkshire Police has confirmed Main Street, Seamer as a suitable site for its safety camera
vehicle enforcement.

Seamer Parish Council has also registered a team of volunteers with North Yorkshire Police to be
trained and provided with equipment to monitor vehicles’ speed, and report this information back to
North Yorkshire Police through a Community Speed Watch scheme.

Chairman of Seamer Parish Council, Councillor Lynda Wallis, said:

“As a Council we wanted to take action before a child was killed or injured by speeding drivers and we believe that these are the best combination of methods available to us”.

Lynda's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..

Seamer and Crossgates member at County Hall, County Councillor David Jeffels, said:

"These signs will play a significant part in helping to reduce a serious problem of speeding traffic in the Seamer and Crossgates parish. Such signs have had a considerable beneficial effect in many parishes throughout North Yorkshire where the speed of traffic is a worry to many parish councils and residents".


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