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600 Sign Petition to Reinstate Bridlington Bridge

600 Sign Petition to Reinstate Bridlington Bridge

Published by Jon Burke at 7:01am 18th February 2020. (Updated at 7:08am 18th February 2020)

An East Riding of Yorkshire councillor says he'll keep pushing to get a bridge in Bridlington re-opened.

The county council decided not to repair the Bessingby Rail Bridge, after it was closed in 2017 because of concerns over safety and it was taken down the year after.

The authority said it wasn't financially viable to replace the structure.

Tim Norman, who represents Bridlington South,  unsuccessfully proposed its reinstatement as part of last week's budget.

He says an online petition to reinstate the bridge has got more than 600 signatures.

Explaining the issues which make the bridge so important, Tim said:

"The need for safer routes for our children to get across from West Hill, Bessingby, to the Roman Catholic school and also to Hilderthorpe School. At the same time, there's also the opportunity for people from the Hilderthorpe side to get across to Bessingby to do their shopping, without having to use a car."




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Fileyman, on 18th February 2020 12:35pm
So 600 signed a petition for this bridge.

Just how many children from West Hill attend the schools?.

And those on West Hill don't need this bridge to get to Morrison or Aldi.

Those on Hilderthorpe have brand new paths to walk on to the supermarkets and a new light controlled crossing between the two supermarkets.

This is another case of a Councillor not looking at the usage of this bridge, but taking notice of a petition most probably signed by people who couldn't even tell you where this bridge is.

This is the same Councillor who wanted the hospital shuttle brought back.
Again everybody signed a petition, but the reality and the figures freely available showed it wasnt used enough and was nowhere near even covering its operating costs.

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