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Deadline Approaches On Scarborough Council Budget Consultation

Deadline Approaches On Scarborough Council Budget Consultation

Published by Karen Liu with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 7:01am 16th February 2020.

The deadline is approaching for the public to have their say on Scarborough Borough Council's budget.

The authority is looking to make more than £3 million in savings.

Its draft budget for the next financial year, which was approved by cabinet earlier this week, looks to increase its share of council tax by 2.1%.

That is an extra £5 for a Band D property and it would bring the total paid to Scarborough Council by borough residents in a Band D property to £239.75 annually.

The council makes up around 13% of a resident’s council tax bill and once the contributions to North Yorkshire County Council, which makes up 70% of a council tax bill, North Yorkshire Police and Fire Service and the social care precept have been set, a total bill for a Band D property will come to more than £1,900 for the year.

The public consultation runs until midday tomorrow (Monday 17th February) and you can have your say here: www.scarborough.gov.uk/consultations-have-your-say/budget-consultation-202021-revenue-budget



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Fileyman, on 16th February 2020 8:02am
OK, so you can have your say.

But no way on this earth will it make any difference.

SBC will continue giving out our money without consultation to Welcome To Yorkshire, Alpamare, and other stupid schemes.

And let's use the Futurist as a perfect example.

Announced by SBC, had consultation, had petitions, had plenty of objections.

But SBC just went ahead and did it..

zara, on 16th February 2020 11:26am
Exactly what is the point of the public having their say when the the cabinet have already decided and the councillors will always follow suit?

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