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Plans For Bridlington Medical Shuttle Bus Rejected

Plans For Bridlington Medical Shuttle Bus Rejected

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 15th February 2020. (Updated at 8:09am 15th February 2020)

A medical shuttle bus in Bridlington is not going to be re-instated.

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor for Bridlington North ward, Mike Heslop-Mullens, put forward the proposals.

He asked the authority to put aside £125,000 towards it, as part of the council's budget, but it has not been included.

Bridlington residents could have used the shuttle bus to go to hospitals in Scarborough, York, and Hull.

Councillor Heslop-Mullens says he is disappointed at the decision because it is much needed:

"This is a slap in the face for local residents.

We either need a decent hospital service in Bridlington or transport to an outside hospital service.

It becomes extremely difficult travelling by public transport; as it means changing buses or trains several times and it's uneconomic to go by taxi. 

If you're living in Bridlington and you've got to get to York Hospital, you're looking at at least £60."

He says he will keep campaigning for it:

"I'm going to try and get more information on the services that are available, but we do need it.

I mean really, we need a hospital but we're not going to get one, that's quite obvious.

It will do other work, but it won't do the things that people need.

If you have cancer and you need to see a consultant, you've got to go to Scarborough or Hull, as that's where the consultants need to be based."

Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:


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Peter croft, on 15th February 2020 8:29am
My dad died last year, he was 87 and had a major 8 hour
Operation on his leg some five years ago, which effectively stopped him driving and made him use an electric buggy and walking frame to aid his mobility
In the last year of his life he managed to walked 500 yards to the surgery once,it took him an hour but he was proud that he had achieved it
The following week hospital transport phoned him and asked if he could walk to the surgery, proud as punch he told them what he had achieved the previous week, he was then informed because of this he had to find his own transport on a fortnightly basis to York, Scarborough or Malton.......
Fileyman, on 15th February 2020 8:32am
There is absolutely no way to run a single shuttle bus to each hospital from 8.00am to 8.00pm seven days a week for the figure this Councillor is stating.

Think about it fo a minute.

It's a 2hrs round trip to Hull.

A bus leaving Bridlington at 8.00am going to Hull would not arrive until approximately 9.00am.
But how many people would be able to get a appointment for between say 09.00 - 10.00.
The bus would either have to return to Bridlington empty at 09.00 or sit at Hull for at least 1hr for its return passengers, providing it actually took anybody there to start with..

Never forget a bus service with it's running times has to be registered with VOSA.

And it is just not viable to run a bus with one or 2 passengers.

And it still has to run if there are no passengers.

This counciller needs to look at the proof provided by erycc about the reasons for scrapping the Bridlington Shuttle bus.

Despite petitions, campaigns etc the shuttle bus was only carrying a third of the number of passengers each week it needed to just draw even.

Everybody wanted it, but not everybody used it.

And let's also remember that a bus from Bridlington to Scarborough and then a change to a Hospital bus is free after 09.30 for pensioners.

The Bridlington shuttle bus charged £5 for a return.

That would have to be at least doubled to make it viable.

And all that is provided you can find a operator to buy 4 new buses to cover the services plus a spare for the 7 days a week operation. Plus finding enough drivers to operate the service.
Rubes, on 15th February 2020 9:02am
What a surprise! Bridlington residents totally ignored again by ERYC. Another case of “I’m alright Jack” I hope they bow their heads in shame when they realise how this is effects the population of Bridlington and in particular the older residents.
Fileyman, on 15th February 2020 9:34am
The residents are to blame not ERYCC.

The council provided the service the residents wanted.

The figures did not stack up, it was not used enough.
The residents organised a petition and a big campaign to keep it going.

ERYCC relented and agreed it would continue but would be monitored.

That monitoring proved beyond any doubt the service was only carrying approximately one third of the total passengers needed to even draw level.

These figures are freely available on the Internet for all to see.

And these figures only apply to a service between Bridlington and Scarborough.

This councillor should look at the losses the Bridlington Shuttle made and explain why he thinks the service should not only be reinstated but also expanded creating a even bigger loss for ERYCC and it's rate payers.
Fileyman, on 16th February 2020 8:07am
Bridlington residents have not been ignored by ERYCC.

The council agreed a extension to the operation of the shuttle following all the petitions.

But we know from the figures published those thousands who signed the petition never used the service.

Again the figures are there for all to see.

And now rate payers not only want it brought back but extended.

Even more rate payers money lost
Fileyman, on 15th February 2020 3:54pm
Residents in Bridlington are up in arms about a 3.99% rates increase.

And a Councillor wanted the same council to put money into known and well publicised loss making exercise

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