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Calls To Reinstate Bridlington Medical Shuttle Bus

Calls To Reinstate Bridlington Medical Shuttle Bus

Published by Karen Liu at 6:02am 13th February 2020.

There is a call to reinstate a Bridlington medical shuttle bus.

It is part of East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Liberal Democrat Group's budget proposals.

The plan has been put forward by Cllr. Mike Heslop-Mullens who represents Bridlington North ward.

He wants the authority to allocate £125,000 towards the shuttle bus.

He said:

"Bridlington Hospital has slowly been in decline as far as providing services for local residents.

This has meant that we have to travel to York, to Hull, to Scarborough, in order to get seen by a specialist and also to spend time in hospital.

It's a long way from Brid to all of these and you can't necessarily, if you're ill, travel by public transport."

He also wants to introduce speed reduction measures in Flamborough, at the cost of £100,000. 

Cllr. Heslop-Mullens added:

"I want the council to look at the village and see what needs to be done.

It may mean that they put up better signage for the 30mph speed limit, it may be that they put in a chicane further up towards Haven Thornwick Bay Caravan Holiday Park.

I want to see it so that the road can at least take the traffic that it gets; so that when a 36-foot caravan goes up against the back of a lorry, there is room for it to get there, and people aren't having to swerve out the way because they've come down and suddenly find that they're facing it.

The same goes for Lighthouse Road." 

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is set to discuss and vote on its overall budget this afternoon.


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Fileyman, on 13th February 2020 6:51am
If he thinks that kind of money will pay for a shuttle bus he is sadly mistaken.

Hospital appointments run throughout the day so the bus has to make plenty of trips, a example is a journey time of approximately 2 hrs to Scarborough and back.

So a person with a 9.30 appointment at Scar would need a bus from Bridlington hospital at 08.30, this bus would get back to Bridlington at10. 30

It would not get back to Scarborough until 11.30, but the 9.30 appointment at Scarborough would have to wait from around 9.45 until at least 11.30.

Then let's not forget the bus was scrapped because despite campaign's and moaners and petitions when it came down to it people were just not using it.

The figures were published for all to see.

Regarding Flamborough and North Marine Road the problem is caused by parked cars between the Woodcock Rd jct to Thornwick Bay Camp entrance.

They convert the road to single file traffic.

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