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Plans To Help Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour In Bridlington?

Plans To Help Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour In Bridlington?

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 11th February 2020.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor's hoping to help reduce anti-social behaviour with two initiatives.

Tim Norman, who represents Bridlington South, is putting forward proposals aimed at tackling the issue.

He will be presenting his case on Thursday afternoon during the Full Council's budget meeting.

The main titles of his items are:-

  • Lighting columns and maintenance costs
  • Waste collection amnesty
  • Replacement of Bessingby footbridge

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Councillor Tim Norman said:

"As also member of Bridlington Town Council, we're continually getting people coming along to us and saying that they need to have some extra lighting down their street; and by introducing additional lighting into certain 'dark spaces', it kind of reduces the risk of anti-social behaviour."

He says many House of Multiple Occupancy have tenants leave without being able to take their furniture with them:

"It ends up just getting dumped in the backyard, or in the ten foot, or in the ginnel and it kind of just sits there and creates an eyesore.

Again, it's another area where people might congregate and drug activities might take place; and of course, it's unsightly and it's something which we don't want in our towns and cities."

Councillor Tim Norman's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

Here is what he has put in his case:

"Having worked with the Police and our own officers on Operation Endurance in Bridlington South has been an enlightening experience into how dedicated and hard working all of the team are from the Specials, to the PCSO's and the Beat Officers.

Operation Endurance is targeting the blight of drug use and ASB in two specific RED Route areas of Bridlington South.

But although the Officers and ourselves have been working closely with the Police and there have been many great successes which can be linked directly to this long term operation we feel that This Council can do more.
There are two proposals which we have which can help.

Lighting Columns and Maintenance Costs

Our proposal is to create a panel to review requests from Town and Parish Councils for the installation of up to 25 street lighting columns per year and to include the operating and maintenance costs into ERYC Budget also.

At present no budget is held in this Council for new lighting columns and so any requests from residents are redirected to Town and Parish Councils.  

These are then either dealt with by requesting that ERYC install and maintain the new column at the cost to the Town and Parish Councils or simply rejected due to lack of funds.

Essentially the Town and Parish Councils, need to either have a budget for lighting or pay for such out of reserves and increase their budgets in subsequent years for the maintenance paid to this Council through an SLA.

This proposal will enable the cost of the new lighting to just sit with This Council and at the same time enable the most efficient use of administration and cost.  

As I mentioned earlier, one of the major benefits which can come out of having appropriate lighting around our streets is that it will help to reduce 'Dark Spaces' which grow ASB and the increased risk of drug activity.  

This will be a great benefit to our residents - making the streets more welcoming and potentially safer.

Estimated cost of this is Capex of £30k p.a. + additional annual Opex of £2k p.a.

Secondly I would like to propose that this Council offers a periodic Waste Collection Amnesty

In many of our larger towns and villages we have a number of streets which are continually at the risk of tipping of old, worn out, unwanted and broken furniture.

Many of this simply occurs because of the number of HMO's in those streets and the frequency that people move on from these 'bedsit' type accommodations without being able to take their furniture with them.

The new residents cannot afford to take the furniture away or have it properly removed and so it remains in the yard or garden of the HMO creating an unsightly and unhealthy environment.

Again, this can easily lead to increases in ASB and visible drug activity.

This proposal is to offer, on a twice yearly basis, in specific locations around the East Riding, an amnesty for such waste.

This would drastically improve the environment for residents and at the same time provide greater confidence for people walking the streets and hence reducing the risk of ASB and places for such activities to take place.

Estimated loss of income from this exercise would be c. £12k pa. (200 units at £30 per collection twice per year)."




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Fileyman, on 11th February 2020 12:18pm
I thought it was a spoof story.

In order to curb anti social behaviour in Bridlington he wants a few more lampposts, a waste collection amnesty and he has resurrected the Bessingby footbridge scrapped decision.

This is nothing at all to do with anti social problems.

It's a Councillor trying to score brownie points.

More police patrols on foot in problem areas is what is needed.

Every time I pass the police station it looks like a giant police car park.

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