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Yorkshire Coast Drivers Knowingly Breaking Traffic Laws

Yorkshire Coast Drivers Knowingly Breaking Traffic Laws

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 8:58am 7th February 2020.

1 in 5 drivers are regularly and knowingly breaking traffic laws whilst on the roads.

New research has revealed that more than half (59%) of Brits feel there’s a lack of knowledge and/or awareness of driving rules and laws on the roads.

Steve Fowler, Editor-In-Chief at Auto Express, has been speaking to Paddy In The Morning about the study from Green Flag which analysed the common driving rules (like wearing seat belts, stopping at a stop sign or letting emergency vehicles pass) which cause confusion for Brits around the country.

Some of the more interesting stats included 27 per cent believing that driving naked is illegal. Despite this, just under 1 million (2%) Brits have admitted to driving around without their clothes.

A further 23 per cent of Brits believe that it is illegal to drive whilst wearing no footwear, and 22 per cent believe that driving in flip-flops is illegal. It isn't.

Brits are also obeying driving rules which turn out to be myths. An astounding 14 per cent of Brits believe there is a 10% leeway on all speed cameras, while a further 16% of Brits believe you can use the hard shoulder if you need the toilet. 

The confusion between myths and official driving laws hasn’t come without consequence, with 13 per cent of Brits admitting to being caught out for breaking driving rules that they were unaware were illegal. Most commonly, Brits were caught by surprise for driving in bus lanes, driving just above the speed limit or not wearing a seat belt. 

Men were more likely to be caught out for a driving rule they were unaware of; 17 per cent of men admit to being penalised for breaking a driving rule they weren’t aware of, compared to just seven per cent of women. 

When it comes to opinions on driving laws, less than half of Brits (49%) think that using your phone whilst stationary should actually be illegal. Over 3.9 million Brits (10%) have used their phones whilst stuck in traffic or at traffic lights, despite it being illegal.

An additional 46% of Brits think that driving with headphones on should be classified as illegal, while just 24% think that driving with a light on in the car should be made illegal. Worryingly, only 30 per cent of Brits think that driving 10 per cent over the speed limit should be illegal. 

Adding fuel to the fire of one of the nation’s longest-standing driving myths, a staggering 2.3 million UK males believe that men are better drivers than women (9%). Moreover, whilst 14 per cent of women believe males are more dangerous drivers, just 10 per cent of men agreed with that statement. 

Hear Steve talking to Paddy In The Morning here:


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zara, on 7th February 2020 3:32pm
well all i can say is that anyone who is not aware of some of those basic rules should not be driving anyway. As for the driving with no clothes!!!! What a load of rubbish this is and once again someone will have been paid good money for compiling this report

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