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Filey MP Wants 'Advance Fares' on Northern Rail

Filey MP Wants 'Advance Fares' on Northern Rail

Published by Jon Burke at 1:01pm 6th February 2020. (Updated at 8:03am 8th February 2020)

Filey MP, Kevin Hollinrake, is urging the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps MP, to introduce a system of 'advance fares' between all northern rail stations over a distance of around 40 miles, when he takes over the running of Northern Rail next month.

Mr Hollinrake and the campaign group, Friends of Hunmanby Station, argue that this system, which is currently generally operational on lines where two or more train operators provide a service, would offer a much fairer price range for passengers using Northern Rail and would also ease overcrowding on busy trains at peak times.

For example, if you travel from Filey to Sheffield you can qualify for an advance fare, but not if you get on at Hunmanby or Bempton, despite the train stopping at both these stations.

The MP said:

“Northern rail passengers have had a disgraceful service in recent times with high levels of delays and cancellations and they deserve better. A system of advanced ticket purchases would provide benefits all round. It would enable passengers to buy a cheaper ticket on less crowded trains and would enable the train operator to fill empty seats.”

Nick Harvey, from Friends of Hunmanby Station, said:

“It should be introduced when the May 2020 timetable starts with relatively few changes planned, compared to previous reviews. With reliability to the long-suffering Northern Powerhouse passenger improving the launch of 'advanced fares’ at all Northern Rail stations would help encourage flexible passengers to move to lower demand trains, easing congestion on known crowded trains and busy stations at peak times.”

Mr Harvey paid tribute to the MP for taking up this latest campaign, after Mr Hollinrake successfully helped secure much needed changes to a new timetable, introduced in December 2019, allowing trains to run every hour at regular hours from Scarborough, Seamer, Filey, Hunmanby, Bempton, and Bridlington beyond Hull to Goole, Doncaster, Meadowhall and Sheffield, with an extra coach to relieve overcrowding.

The new timetable also included better connections at Seamer from TransPennine Services, as well as Hull, with a new service to Halifax via Leeds and Bradford and allows local people who have used the train to get to work and college for many years to get to their destination on time, rather than arriving either too early or too late.

From 1st March, the Northern Rail franchise will be taken into public ownership and the Government will begin operating Northern services through the public-sector operator - the so-called operator of last resort (OLR) Improving the performance and reliability of Northern services and substantially reducing the number of cancellations will be a priority.


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Fileyman, on 6th February 2020 4:03pm
It might be a good idea in Kevin spoke this friend MP for Scarborough before talking about fares.

Roberts voting history on rail fares makes very interesting reading
Whitbyman, on 6th February 2020 5:31pm
I get why people don’t want to arrive too late but who worries about too early ? This allows for delays which can occur at anytime, if you plan to arrive on time to the exact minute then your setting yourself up to be late , arriving early sets up lots of opportunities such as a coffee or food which in turn stimulates the local economy of your chosen destination, no wonder this worlds such a stressed out mess , seems no one these days has the time to take their time or any inclination to do so .

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