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Scarborough Community Hub Seeks Donations To Stay Open

Scarborough Community Hub Seeks Donations To Stay Open

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 6th February 2020.

A community hub in Scarborough is looking for donations to keep it going.

Gallows Close Centre, based on Endcliff Crescent, provides help and support to people in the town.

It is looking for financial donations or items like bikes, toys, vouchers and unwanted gifts.

Kimmie Avison, Community Development Worker, said:

"I've seen vulnerable people become volunteers that wouldn't even leave the house.

They wouldn't speak to anybody and they didn't have any friends.

We've got a lot of vulnerable people who use us and we've got a lot of young people who need this provision in their area.

If it's not kept then we could see a rise in anti-social behaviour, we could see a rise in a lot more mental health issues because we wouldn't be able to offer what we do anymore.

It's very much needed, it's an area of deprivation and there's not enough support for these people."

Kimmie added:

"We are self-funded and we're a non-profit organisation; so we do rely a lot on European funding, our own fundraising events, lottery funding, and being able to hire the centre out so that we're getting some kind of revenue coming in.

The situation we're in at the minute is that funds are beginning to get low.

We do need to look at getting some funding in so we can keep providing a service."

For more information about Gallows Close Centre, visit: https://gallowsclose.co.uk/ or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GallowsCloseCentre/


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