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Scarborough Council Leader Speaks About Futurist

Scarborough Council Leader Speaks About Futurist

Published by Jon Burke at 6:10am 5th February 2020. (Updated at 11:09am 5th February 2020)

The Leader of Scarborough council says he doesn't know what will end up on the site of the former Futurist Theatre.

Steve Siddons has been speaking after we told you about an independent review into the council's negotiations with Flamingoland.

That found problems in four out of five areas, to do with the council's process itself.

The review looked at how it served the cases for strategy, commercial, economic, financial and management.

Councillor Siddons said:

"What we found is that the way that this has been dealt with by the previous administration is purely as a land transaction - selling a piece of land for a particular purpose and then getting planning permission for it.

What we've said is that there's more to this site than that."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..

The review will be discussed at a meeting of the Council's Cabinet next Tuesday February 11th.

It's proposed a cross-party working group be formed to analyse the report and decide what should happen next.

Cllr. Siddons says that would take a maximum of two months.

You can read the full report here


There are 4 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 5th February 2020 8:29am
Yet another case of let's set up another council group to sit and waffle and produce a waste of time report.

Ask the public of Scarborough and they will tell you about the site without the need for meetings.

The Futurist should never have been demolished.

SBC just went ahead and did what they wanted.

My suggestion for those involved would be to come out of the Town Hall, walk down to the site, and cross over the road.
There is plenty of sand there for them to bury there heads.
Whitbyman, on 5th February 2020 10:41am
Long shot this one , how about building a theatre to replace the one you demolished, instead of it being used for something no one wants , we can but hope .
zara, on 5th February 2020 11:26am
agree with both comments. Does not matter which group you have leading the council they just do what they want regardless and then wonder why the public think they are just doing things to line their own pockets.. We need a decent large enclosed theatre that can be also used for childrens entertainment during the winter/wet days. That position would be good for both and i am sure there would be enough room with the right design. The OAT proves that with the right acts/shows/plays you can get the people to come here but not just in summer. Works in Bridlington and other places so could work well here.
JOHN BOYLE, on 5th February 2020 5:26pm
Totall agree with last two comments

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