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Plans for 350 Homes in Whitby Move Forward

Plans for 350 Homes in Whitby Move Forward

Published by Matthew Pells at 12:48pm 4th February 2020. (Updated at 1:49pm 4th February 2020)

Plans to build 350 new homes in Whitby have taken a step forward as planners say the scheme will not need an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The "Broom Field Farm Project" would see the homes built on 43 acres of agricultural land on the southern boundary of Whitby on a greenfield site located next to Yorkshire Water’s operational sewage treatment works. The site is visible from Stainsacre lane.

The project is being lead by KeyLand which is the property trading business of the Kelda Group and a sister company of Yorkshire Water.

The proposed site is described as "currently laid to grazing with hedgerow field boundaries".

In assessing the impact of development on the site the Borough Council's screening document says..

"The proposal is likely to have only localised impacts on the site itself and its effects should not impact on the natural resources in the wider area"

And in assessing the impact of the development works on local traffic the document says..

"The location of site should ensure traffic generated from the development will be distributed via the main road network and therefore is unlikely to have a significant effect in terms of noise and therefore is unlikely to have a significant effect in terms of noise and pollution."

In assessing the impact of building on the site the council's planners have concluded..

"it is the opinion of Scarborough Borough Council that this Schedule 2 development is unlikely to have significant effects on the environment and that a planning application for this proposal need not be subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment "

The full document is available on the Scarborough Borough Council Planning Site


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zara, on 4th February 2020 3:15pm
so you are taking 43 acres of agricultural land with hedges and putting 350 houses on it and this will have no environmental impact? Come off it, of course it will have an environmental impact, any dunderhead can work that out. As for the additional traffic not causing any significant noise or pollution, of course it will, 350 homes with on average 1.5 cars to a house (probably nearer the full 2 anyway) that is a lot of extra traffic to add to the already congested road usage. Will not affect me but i really hate it when these developers/planners/councillors try to take us all for fools.
Peter croft, on 4th February 2020 6:23pm
I recently attended a meeting of Whitby town council and a regeneration manager from SBC
The figures provided by SBC showed Whitby’s population was declining by 2%. So the obvious question is who is buying these homes. New homes in Whitby are not cheap and many are snapped up by second home owners. This has many negative effects, firstly Whitby residents cannot compete with second home owners wages, this hollows out communities where houses are empty, but also Whitby residents who make a living through tourism find themselves competing at an unfair disadvantage as they have to pay business rates etc, many second homes are not
declared as a business and are not being charged the same level of taxation.
I would also pint out the large new developments like sneaton castle offer limited space for Children to play, have no community centre and in fact are isolated from the elet of the town because they are not on bus routes so require a car to get ff the estate

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