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Review Into Scarborough Futurist Site 'Completed'

Review Into Scarborough Futurist Site 'Completed'

Published by Jon Burke at 4:46pm 3rd February 2020. (Updated at 12:35pm 4th February 2020)

The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council says a review into the use of the former Futurist site has been completed.

Cllr Steve Siddons said:

“A key public concern in the Scarborough area elections last May was the 2014 decision and plans for the former Futurist to St Nicholas Street site. As Leader, I was tasked by the electorate with checking the process used had been sound and that the economic implications for the borough were thoroughly researched and understood.

I asked for an independent review of the decision before the council committed itself to handing over a 250 year lease for the site. That review has now been completed and a number of recommendations have been made; these must be implemented before any next steps are agreed.

As part of that process, I am gathering a cross party Task and Finish Group, working to the Cabinet, to make clear proposals for the site that are of advantage to the borough. That group will be tasked with considering the strategic economic vision for the whole site from Foreshore Road to St Nicholas Street. This work will be completed within two months.

The decisions we make for that site will affect generations to come. We have to be extremely mindful of the impact of its development and that any development there should withstand the test of time.

The review was of Scarborough Borough Council not Flamingoland. When the work of the group is completed, we will reopen talks with Flamingoland to discuss the delivery of a new vision, which is designed to deliver major economic benefits for our borough’s future prosperity. We are thankful to Flamingoland for their patience during this process.”

You can read the Council's report, which will be considered at a meeting of its Cabinet later this month, here


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David Newton, on 3rd February 2020 9:50pm
I have now read the council report. It is one of the finest pieces of work the circumlocution office has ever produced.
The council wisely decided to undertake a review, whose conclusion is..... That two more reviews should undertaken.
One of those reviews is to be undertaken by experienced independent experts.
Those experts have then concluded that there are many things that need to be further investigated, by the experts.
The council must therefore set up another committee (with a forward focused title so no one would suspect it of being a committee)
Most importantly the whole thing will need a new name, because new names make all the difference to something strategic🤣.
All this by taking lots of long words which mean things, mixing them up so that they mean absolutely nothing.

What tosh.
zara, on 4th February 2020 9:35am
in other words the end result will be that Flamingoland will get the site and the councillors will be very happy!!! This council are just the same as the last - one for all and all for one as long as the one is/are them!!
JohnfromScarborough, on 4th February 2020 1:08pm
I see that the site is to be renamed as Bay Side South. Wonder who came up with that?
JohnfromScarborough, on 4th February 2020 1:45pm
For me the most interesting fact in the report is that " The Council has not,as yet,entered into legally binding contracts with Flamingoland."
In other words, if Flamingoland just walk away there is nothing that can be done. Even if they were to go through the motions and obtained a planning permission there is nothing which would require them to actually do anything on the ground. In any case, if the use of the site is identified in the next stage of this review as being much wider than hitherto then it might well be outside Flamingoland's area of expertise and another developer will need to be found.

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