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Noise Complaints About Scarborough's Train Depot

Noise Complaints About Scarborough's Train Depot

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 3rd February 2020. (Updated at 1:06pm 20th February 2020)

There've been complaints about the new train depot in Scarborough.

People say they can't sleep because the facility, which is operated by TransPennine Express, is so noisy.

Here's what they hear:

One of the residents is Tina Ford, who lives on Oriel Close, and she said:

"The trains come in between 10.30pm and 11pm and they idle until around 12.30am when the last train comes in.

One train comes in, they maintain that, then they move it along the track and then another one comes in; while they're doing that, the noise is shocking.

And then they start at 4.30am so we're getting on average about four hours sleep.

I've been to the doctors, there's nothing I can do really, but I am really, really tired.

I've had one person come to my house who's on Seamer Road and he said to me 'I'll be honest with you, you're getting four hours, I'm getting two'.

He's complained since October and my next door neighbours just want to sell up because they can't sleep either.

So it quite a big issue and I do know that there's quite a lot of people all the way down the track, saying about these noisy trains."

Tina's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

A spokesperson for TransPennine Express commented:

"We are currently working with Scarborough Borough Council and their Environmental Health Service to fully investigate the complaints, ensuring we completely understand the issues.

After a full consultation, the depot was purpose built with environmental factors strongly considered during the design phase, which led, for example, to the inclusion of 50% more noise barriers than required."

Anyone who's affected by the noise coming from the train depot can contact Councillor Richard Maw on:


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Gary Douthwaite, on 27th February 2020 8:38pm
I have just had the most disrupted nights sleep ever @ 03:00 hrs the noise coming from the railway station was criminal , some lunatic was Revving the engine of a train for almost 2 hrs the noise was horrendous .
I live in WESTWOOD close & my house has double glazing & I shut my windows & could start hear it so I moved to a spare bedroom at the front of the house after listening to it for 60 mins eventually got back too sleep.
This is not only affecting my mental health it must be affecting the value of property in the local area , the noise is more than bad its criminal
Something needs to be done now & not talk about for a couple of months hoping it goes away
It should be stopped now it’s criminal
Gary Douthwaite, on 28th February 2020 9:17am
I think we need to set up an action group to make our concerns listened to, words are obviously not enough.
We need to agree a strategy to disrupt these train noises hopefully then local new / national Medea will get involved.
I have some ideas that I could share however I can’t discuss them in this platform, hopefully by taking direct action & giving the Media
Advance notice of our intentions they would also cover what ever action s we take .
Anybody else interested?

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