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Fundraisers Wanted To Help Scarborough Disability Charity

Fundraisers Wanted To Help Scarborough Disability Charity

Published by Karen Liu at 2:32pm 31st January 2020.

The Chair of Scarborough Disability Action Group (DAG) has set a goal of aiming to raise £20,000 for the charity over the year.

Ian Whitfield hopes to raise as much money as possible for DAG.

He said:

“DAG is one of Scarborough’s oldest charities and has just celebrated its 30th birthday last July.

The demand on DAG services has increased immensely, at a time when disability organisations like ourselves are finding themselves in a more competitive fight for funding.

The demand for funding has increased alongside with fewer funders in a position to meet that demand. Securing core funding is an ever present struggle.

I have been involved with DAG for over 10 years and seen how many people DAG support each month which is 100 people a week and seen how much cuts in funding there has been in those years. 

I am appealing to local business and organisations to maybe hold an event in aid of DAG such as a bake sale or non-uniform day at college; we are self funded and do our own fundraising via our fairs.

We are sending funding applications off every few weeks and it is the waiting in-between to see if have been successful in the application, the last one we sent off the decision date is 2021.

I have seen the demand for our services go up and up and funding go down and down it costs £17,000 a year just to keep us going.

Without DAG in the community there will be a huge gap in the community and no other place to go to that offers the services that DAG offer.” 

Anyone who wishes to help can donate here: https://localgiving.org/fundraising/scarboroughdag2020/ or donations can be dropped off at the DAG office at The Street, Lower Clark Street, Scarborough.


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