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Filey MP Supports Loss of Northern Rail Franchise

Filey MP Supports Loss of Northern Rail Franchise

Published by Jon Burke at 1:35pm 29th January 2020.

The MP for Filey has been reacting to Northern Rail, which operates train services on the Yorkshire coast, being stripped of its franchise.

Transport Secretary Grant Schapps has made the announcement this afternoon.

The company has been running routes between Scarborough and Hull, with stops including Filey and Bridlington.

It also runs trains between Whitby and Middlesbrough.

Filey MP Kevin Hollinrake says it's the right decision.

He said:

"It's one of the worst performing routes on the railway - we just can't countenance that. Week in, week out, it's terrible for commuters, terrible for people trying to get to their jobs and to their leisure travel, so the government's quite rightly stepped in and stripped them of the franchise."

Kevin's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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zara, on 29th January 2020 4:17pm
Could our Filey MP make a comment about all the services being withdrawn from Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals, a subject that affects ALL of his constituents in this area and not be so erudite about Northern Rail and HS2?
Fileyman, on 29th January 2020 5:44pm
Zara is quite right.
From November to March there is only one bus every hour to Bridlington, and unless you live to the North of Filey Bus Stn you only have one bus every hour.

And whilst taking a rail company over might seem a good thing let's be realistic.

It's going to take some considerable time before we see any kind of improvement.

You cannot wave a magic wand and make train drivers and conductors and new trains and more carriages appear out of the sky.

Whitbyman, on 29th January 2020 6:23pm
So in essence Mr Hollinrake is admitting that his party got the franchise model wrong in a big way , Northern only work to what the government want and set out in the bids.
He also needs to look around if he thinks Scarborough to Hull is one of the worst performers on northern routes.
I think Mr Hollinrake doesn’t know his Northern from his TPE and as others have said , quite rightly, do something useful that we all need like hospitals.

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