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Objection To KFC Drive-Thru Near Scarborough

Objection To KFC Drive-Thru Near Scarborough

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 3:19pm 28th January 2020.

Fears over increases in congestion and litter have led a parish council to object to plans for a new KFC drive-thru near Scarborough.

Seamer Parish Council says its “overriding concern” is safety from the number of extra cars that would be present if the fast-food chain got the go-ahead for its restaurant off the A64 in Eastfield.

The American chain wants to build its drive-thru on the site of the former Papa’s Fish and Chips building near Morrisons in Market Lane. The plans also include a separate unit for coffee shop Costa.

In a letter to Scarborough Borough Council, the parish council says it objects to the proposal, saying it would add to “significant local problems”.

The letter states:

“The council’s overriding concern is one of safety, based on a likely increase in the congestion of motor vehicles accessing and egressing Market Lane and Dunslow Road at the (mini) roundabout, which is already a busy junction.

The council’s further concern is for a likely increase in littering from motor vehicles, not necessarily near to the drive-thru units but one or two miles away when vehicles drive into and through the parish council’s and neighbouring areas, as occupants finish their food and drink and discard the packaging.”

The KFC and Costa plan, which includes demolishing the Papa’s building, formerly The Scarborough public house, is currently going through the planning process.

In the company’s submission to Scarborough Council it lays out some more details of the proposal.

KFC plan

It states:

“The proposed new units as currently agreed will be operated by KFC and Costa Coffee. The proposal will create approximately 24 full-time equivalent jobs in total.

It is proposed that the hours of opening are increased from the existing hours of 11.30am to 10pm daily for Papa’s Fish and Chip restaurant to 5am to 11pm daily for the entire site.”

North Yorkshire Police and Highways England have been consulted, with neither objecting to the scheme.


There are 4 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 28th January 2020 6:22pm
Here we go again, winge, winge.
There are no houses anywhere near this site and houses in Seamer are a considerable distance away.

And as the majority of purchases are I assume in the evening trade at Morrissons is negligible at that time of the evening and the large car dealerships near the entrance are closed.

Instead of moaning and groaning we should encourage new businesses to open.

What do the moaners want, close everything except Morrissons
zara, on 29th January 2020 7:48am
not often i disagee with you Fileyman but on this subject i do. There is no need for a KFC/Costas in that location, there is a Macdonalds already and the Morrisons Cafe and that mini roundabout is total chaos at many times during the day already, it is an accident waiting to happen. As for the trade being mostly in the evening, no it will be all day, otherwise they would never want to be investing in it.
andyh, on 29th January 2020 8:52am
The main issue is the road design and access. The mini roundabout needs enlarging somehow as is not used properly. Also access in and out of McDs car park is terrible, with a tight exit. Also a roundabout or lights may be needed on Dunslow Road. I'm astonished highways have not stated this. Maybe they are too busy gritting when temp is nowhere near zero. I hope development goes ahead but the access will be gridlocked unless something is done.
Fileyman, on 29th January 2020 1:30pm
Hi Zara,
Without KFC there will be Macs on the left and the supermarket on the right.

Okay there may be additional traffic but let's not forget that the access to both sites is roundabout controlled and if drivers drove correctly it would be no more of a problem than any other roundabout in Scarborough.

And what is different between the traffic when it was a previous food outlet and the traffic for a replacement food outlet.

And if people think there is no need for a KFC they must think there will be no trade, which in turn means the increase in traffic would be minimal

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