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Filey MP Sends Mixed Messages on HS2?

Filey MP Sends Mixed Messages on HS2?

Published by Matthew Pells at 1:06pm 28th January 2020.

Twitter users have been responding to tweet showing Filey MP Kevin Hollinrake with a Boris HS2 Train Set.

Mr Hollinrake has been a long term supporter of the HS2 rail project which aims to bring a high speed rail link from London to the north via Birmingham and Manchester with a proposed line to Leeds.

But after posting a video earlier in the week extolling the virtues of the HS2 project Mr Hollinrake has now tweeted a picture of himself with a "Boris HS2 Train Set" which appears to deride the project.

Hollinrake Tweet

The train set box highlights some of the issues that campaigners have raised against the HS2 project including it's cost and environmental impact.

HS2 Train Set

The irony of the post was not lost on Twitter users with replies including

Hollinrake HS2 Reactionb
Hollinrake HS2 REaction 2b

In a video on twitter earlier in the week the Filey MP outlined why he feels HS2 would benefit the north of England.

Mr Hollinrake's office have confirmed that the MP fully supports the HS2 project. The tweet now appears to have been deleted.



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zara, on 28th January 2020 1:24pm
the man is useless anyway, write to him about anything and it is a complete waste of time. I wrote to him about the Futurist and i got told he could not get involved because it was not his constituency even though so many of his constituents have to pay council taxes to scarborough, when i raised that point his office agreed that they had got it wrong and they then quoted the stock response that the council were giving to the rest of us! He was just not interested because it was his fellow tories running the council.
Whitbyman, on 28th January 2020 3:37pm
This bloke keeps on getting involved with trains, he still has no idea what he’s on about though , how will hs2,3,4 et al benefit his constituents? Answer is it won’t , he needs to get behind the expansion of rail in the north which would really benefit this area , not some scheme that no one wants and everyone pays for but a select few get the benefits.
How’s TPE doing these days Mr H ? They seem to be running a lot of trains on time into Scarborough from what I can see but you’ve not popped up trumpeting that , seems your only interested when you can complain about it .
Fileyman, on 28th January 2020 6:28pm
No long ago our so called Filey MP was pushing for work to dual a short section of the A64 over one hours drive from Filey.

Now he is spouting about HS 2 which will not go anywhere near Filey.

HS2 is a total 100% not wanted, not needed, waste of time.

If this government can find billions of pounds for this project why do we have a overworked and under funded NHS service.

Ken needs to start supporting the residents of Filey and stop playing with toy trains

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