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363 Firms in Scarborough Still to Pay D-BID Levy

363 Firms in Scarborough Still to Pay D-BID Levy

Published by Jon Burke at 7:01am 24th January 2020.

No businesses in Scarborough Borough have yet been summonsed for failing to pay the Yorkshire Coast D-Bid levy.

We've asked the council how many firms are facing action.

It's after East Riding of Yorkshire council told us earlier this week it's issued 79 summons for non-payment out of 362 accounts in the county.

Scarborough council says it's sent out two reminder letters to 363 firms which still haven't paid - that's out of a total of 956 accounts.

However, the authority says no summons will be sent till the middle of next month.

A spokesperson for Scarborough Borough Council said:

“The process of collecting the BID levy in the Borough of Scarborough covers a greater number of businesses than the East Riding. We have already sent two reminder letters to those businesses that haven’t yet paid their levy and a final reminder letter will be issued later this month. Any summons that we are then required to send will be issued around the middle of February.”

A spokesperson for the D-BID organisation itself said:

“We are pleased to report that over 80% of BID businesses have contributed to date and this will support our goal to promote, protect and support the Yorkshire Coast over the next five years.

The levy contributions, collected by the respective local authorities acting as the BIDs collection agents, will enable the delivery of our vision and we want to encourage the small number of business who have not yet contributed to do so. All funds raised for the BID go directly towards benefitting the towns and businesses of the Yorkshire Coast.”


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zara, on 24th January 2020 7:26am
no, the goal is to promote, protect and support themselves in their nice little non jobs. This with welcome to yorkshire are two of the biggest waste of money organisations in this area. I think it is downright shameful that our council back this DBID business but then again they will be cashing in on it so not really surprised. With a labour council you would have thought they might have wanted to actually support the small local business people not help put them out of business.
neil bower, on 24th January 2020 7:49am
Absolute RIP off and a joke these people who thought this scheme are only lining there own pockets how can we monitor the impact of all their super hard work.will impact our business you cant simple as that so any good business would not waste time and money
NW20, on 24th January 2020 4:14pm
BID must have Dianne Abbott on the calculator.

It is 67% of businesses that have been mugged into paying and 33% haven’t.

How can an outfit like the Dbid company be trusted with £5m if they cant get the basics right. Or do they have something to hide? ie they are not wanted.
Fileyman, on 24th January 2020 5:19pm
There is still a ongoing investigation into the scheme ballot with the result due at the end of this month.

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