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East Riding Firms Summonsed Over D-BID

East Riding Firms Summonsed Over D-BID

Published by Jon Burke at 7:01am 21st January 2020. (Updated at 11:45am 21st January 2020)

A number of summons have been issued to businesses in the East Riding which haven't paid the Yorkshire Coast D-Bid levy.

The council says, as the collecting agent, it's issued 79 summons out of 362 accounts in the county.

The D-BID says more than 80 per cent of all businesses have paid so far.

A spokesperson said:

“We are pleased to report that over 80% of BID businesses have contributed to date and this will support our goal to promote, protect and support the Yorkshire Coast over the next five years.

The levy contributions, collected by the respective local authorities acting as the BIDs collection agents, will enable the delivery of our vision and we want to encourage the small number of business who have not yet contributed to do so. All funds raised for the BID go directly towards benefitting the towns and businesses of the Yorkshire Coast.”

The scheme, which sees businesses with a rateable value of at least £12,000 contribute towards a pot of money for tourism improvements, has been controversial since a ballot saw the schem go ahead in November 2018.

Several businesses along the coast complained they never saw a ballot paper and there was confusion over votes cast by local councils as property owners.

Now, an independent investigation is underway into the ballot process, which was carried out by Scarborough Borough Council.

Businesses affected by the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District are being asked for their views on that process.

Scarborough Borough Council has commissioned the Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) to undertake an independent and impartial investigation of the role of the council in carrying out the ballot for the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID) in 2018.

Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive of the AEA, is undertaking the investigation and has already been provided with detailed background information by the council, the Yorkshire Coast BID Company and representatives of BID levy payers.  

In the interests of transparency and completeness, prior to completing the draft of his report, Peter is interested in receiving written comments from any parties affected by the BID.

Comments should be limited to the scope of the investigation, that is, the role of Scarborough Borough Council in carrying out the actual ballot, and should be submitted by email to by 12pm (noon), Friday 31 January.  


There are 3 comments on this page.

zara, on 21st January 2020 7:45am
that is 80% who have paid probably under duress!
Fileyman, on 21st January 2020 7:51am
Could it be that the 20% cannot afford to pay to this ridiculous scheme.

It was not wanted and it was not needed.

neil bower, on 21st January 2020 8:06am
Like to know who the 80 percent are probably another lie also I asked how much these people whose idea it was are getting paid?

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