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Funding To Be Released For Welcome To Yorkshire

Funding To Be Released For Welcome To Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 5:37pm 16th January 2020.

Members of the North and West Yorkshire Business Rates Pool have given their approval to release the second and third amount of funding for Welcome to Yorkshire.

At a meeting today, they agreed that sufficient progress had been made by Welcome to Yorkshire's board.

Scarborough Borough Council's Leader, Steve Siddons, is a member of the North and West Yorkshire Business Rates Pool.

Last year, he set down a set of conditions that had to be met before any money for Welcome to Yorkshire was released.

They were:

  • Immediate recruitment of a new Welcome to Yorkshire board, with the interim chair arrangements, ceasing immediately.
  • A public sector chair to be appointed and the new board in place before the end of the financial year.
  • Recruitment of a new Welcome to Yorkshire Chief Executive to start immediately and the process to be publicly visible. Until this process is complete, Jacqui Gedman, Chief Executive of Kirklees Council, to provide Welcome to Yorkshire with strategic support and authority to draw down Business Rates Pool funding as required.
  • The launch of a public sector led consultation over a period of four months about the future of regional tourism.

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Since then, Welcome to Yorkshire have appointed a new Chair and Chief Executive; and the Pool members say they recognised the progress that had been made since the first amount of funding was agreed, as there is also progress with a new business plan and other key areas of concern are being addressed.

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Cllr Steve Siddons, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council and North and West Yorkshire Business Rates Pool member, said:

"On behalf of North and West Yorkshire council tax payers we have monitored the reform of WtY following the publication of last year’s report.

We are satisfied that the organisation is becoming more transparent in decision making, is more accountable and is becoming an effective business, promoting the Yorkshire brand across the region.

The new Chief Executive, James Mason, has put forward ideas to broaden the focus of WtY and I am pleased he has accepted my invitation to visit us on the Yorkshire Coast to discuss and develop those ideas.”


There are 3 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 16th January 2020 5:51pm
Here we go again.

Siddons as SBC leader and also a member of the "pool".

Let's see just how much we as rate payers are going to put out to Welcome To Yorkshire.

Let's not forget SBC are increasing our rates.
zara, on 17th January 2020 7:42am
so councillor siddons is responsible for 'setting out the conditions' no he was not he was one of several people, stop trying to make it sound like he is alone responsible for any improvements WTY have made. Another complete waste of money organisation, so many different groups all claiming to be improving yorkshire coast tourism, funny how we used to manage without any of them! and it cost the taxpayer less
JohnfromScarborough, on 18th January 2020 11:39am
The final bullet point is "The launch of a public sector led consultation over a period of four months about the future of regional tourism." There does not seem to be any up date on this yet this surely the most important item of the lot- there is no point in keeping Welcome to Yorkshire alive if the consultation reveals that this is not the preferred way forward.

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