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Tour de Yorkshire Route Announced Later

Tour de Yorkshire Route Announced Later

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 17th January 2020. (Updated at 6:40am 17th January 2020)

We'll find out later whether the Tour de Yorkshire will be coming to the Yorkshire coast.

We already know none of the towns in our area will be hosting a start or finish of a stage of this year's race.

Welcome to Yorkshire is announcing the route cyclists will take during the event at the end of April.




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zara, on 17th January 2020 7:47am
oh yeah! As far as i am concerned they can keep it away from the coast. Its actually not so much the actual race its all the minor stuff that irritate and that includes all the mass of cyclists who decide it is a good time to get out on the road again. Nothing against lone cyclists when when you have lots of them or bigger groups it gets really annoying
Fileyman, on 17th January 2020 8:52am
Much has been said about how much increased income the race brought in.

But all I have heard is how much income business owners lost.

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