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Scarborough Council Backs £1.8m Investment On Toilets

Scarborough Council Backs £1.8m Investment On Toilets

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 5:44pm 15th January 2020.

A plan to spend £1.8m on refurbishing Scarborough’s public toilets has been backed by councillors.

Scarborough Council leader Cllr Steve Siddons (Lab) unveiled the new draft strategy last week by saying he wanted “every concerned resident and business” to have their say on the long-term vision.

The draft strategy involves refurbishing and, in once case, replacing some 30 toilets owned by the borough council, as well as looking as partnering with businesses to offer more places for people to spend a penny.

Today, the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Board welcomed the draft strategy and endorsed its conclusions for the way ahead.

A report, prepared for the board, noted that many of the toilets in the borough were not in a good state.

The report added:

“The condition of a large number of council toilets is very poor and many are in urgent need of repair, attracting substantial negative publicity and poor customer satisfaction.”

The new strategy proposes spending £1.1m on the toilets in 2020 and 2021.

A further £700,000 is then predicted by the authority to be needed between 2022 and 2025 in order to bring the facilities up to scratch.

The money will also be used to ensure that all toilets are maintained to a high standard and are accessible to all.

The strategy will also investigate the viability of a “community toilet scheme” where local shops, pubs and restaurants are paid between £500 and £1,000 a year to open their toilets to the public without an expectation of them having to make a purchase.

Signs would be put in the windows of businesses taking part to make people aware of which premises were taking part in the scheme.

Cllr Mike Cockerill (Cluster of Independent Members) said to his fellow councillors that he was both “relieved and most pleased” to find that no closures of toilets had been proposed as part of the strategy.

Board chairman Cllr Guy Coulson (Con) added:

“I think the strategy as a whole is a very good way forward.”

Labour councillor Subash Sharma cautioned that the authority would have to mindful of the price it charged for its pay-on-entry toilets, saying the current 40p charge may be too high.

The board voted unanimously to support the strategy.


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Fileyman, on 15th January 2020 5:55pm
Just what is been done that is going to cost over £1m initially and then a further £700,000 to bring them up to scratch.

If they had been looked after properly to start with SBC would not be throwing out this kind of money.

And as far as paying business owners to open there toilets to non customers it's a bit of a joke.

What SBC are saying is we are throwing away over a million quid but people won't go due to the charge of 40p.

It's free in Tesco, Boyes, Brunswick Centre.
Smokieno1, on 15th January 2020 8:51pm
Hopefully they will start by reinstating the toilets on the pier beside Luna Park to the amount they had before they were modernised. Two toilets for the volume of visitors that require to use them is absolutely ridiculous.
Peter croft, on 15th January 2020 9:50pm
I would remind readers that whitbys toilets threatened with closure were taken over by the Town council.The prices were then increased and Whitby saved SBC £250k running costs.
Because whitby has a precept ( this is a percentage of council tax levied to pay for things such as toilets) whitby residents are effectively paying for whitby toilets and Scarborough toilets again due to borough taxation
But here’s the rub, because there is no precept in Scarborough, the residents of Scarborough only pay for toilets once from borough taxation.
Finally if anyone from WTC claims the toilets are not costing them anything as the money raised by spending a penny( or 40p )more than covers the running of the toilets, I would remind everyone that the excess gained from paying users was used to pay £200k for the new bridge to the east pier. This is the boroughs responsibility as the port authority, remember they raise over £1 million per year in revenue from the harbour that is not reinvested into the harbour.
JohnfromScarborough, on 17th January 2020 3:42pm
This is a long term strategy so I was surprised not to see any mention of installing card readers so that Contactless holders can gain entrance if they do not have coins with them. Even now it is not unusual to hear people say that they have stopped carrying cash and the use of cards is projected to contine to increase. The Council needs to make provision for the card readers otherwise a large number of desperate members of the public will not be able to use the loos -thus depriving the Council of the revenue -and no doubt lots of adverse comment on social media about how behind the times the town is.t.

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