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'Slight Improvement' To TransPennine Trains Says Filey MP

'Slight Improvement' To TransPennine Trains Says Filey MP

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 14th January 2020.

There's been a 'slight improvement' to TransPennine Express services to and from Scarborough.

That's according to Filey MP, Kevin Hollinrake, after he and Scarborough MP Robert Goodwill, held talks with the company's Chief Executive last month.

They demanded the number of cancellations to train services is halved by January.

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Kevin said:

"Well, there's been a slight improvement in terms of punctuality, but that doesn't get them off the hook as far as I'm concerned.

There's been too many problems for too long and this is the second worst operating railway route in the country.

We, therefore, have asked the Transport Secretary to step in and to review the franchise and potentially strip TransPennine of the franchise completely.

The jury's out and we don't take the improvements on trust, we're going to keep analysing the performance.

I can only reiterate that it's not just about the last couple of months, it's been much worse than the last couple of months, is around the general ability of TPE to properly manage this service; and we've got to make sure they do so.

If they don't, then for me, somebody else should be given the opportunity of running this service."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:


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Whitbyman, on 14th January 2020 8:43am
Would the MP for Filey care to list the slight improvement figures for TPE ? It’s all very well shouting about it but where’s the facts ? It’s unlikely he will put them out there as it’s not a slight improvement but a significant one since he first started on his soapbox ( google search easy enough) and since his party gave the franchise to First then he’s a bit rich re stripping them and letting someone else have a go , it’s not a train set in your loft Mr Hollinrake, it’s a huge beast with no quick fix .
Fileyman, on 14th January 2020 9:41am
Yet again the Filey MP on his soapbox about train services out of Scarborough, not so long ago he was on his soapbox about the A64.

Kevin is the MP for Filey not Scarborough, that's Goodwill's province.

Fileyman, on 14th January 2020 2:29pm
It's interesting the Robert Goodwill is putting his looking after the public voice in action again.

We all know there are problems regarding reliability and we all know rail fares are at a all time high.

So why did Goodwill as a MP for Scarborough vote against slowing down rail fare increases and other recommendations about holding down fare increases

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