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400 New Homes Planned for Scarborough

400 New Homes Planned for Scarborough

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 11:57am 9th January 2020.

Plans for almost 400 new homes as part of the next stages of the High Mill housing development in Scalby are set to be approved.

Keepmoat Homes lodged plans last year for 151 homes as part of phase two of the scheme to build approximately 500 dwellings in the Scarborough suburb, off Field Lane.

Scarborough Council’s planning committee is set to grant Keepmoat approval to start construction on the 151 homes, when it meets on Thursday next week.

At the same meeting, the councillors will also be recommended to grant outline permission to Almora Ltd to build up to 220 dwellings during phase three of the development.

As part of the Keepmoat plans for phase two development, a children’s play area will be constructed and a bridge built over the sea cut on the site to allow access.

The plans have been recommended for approval by planning officers.

The planning submission states:

“The development will provide a mix of two, three and four-bedroom properties with the majority being two-storey in nature with some two-and-a-half-storey.

The development of the site would provide for the needs of Scalby and more so the wider urban area of Scarborough.

The development would provide a range of affordable and family homes within the area to provide for growing and existing family units.”

Six letters of objection were received by the council, with all but one of them from people who have bought homes on the phase one site.

Taylor Wimpey has already constructed 142 homes as part of phase one of the development, which was granted planning permission in 2010.


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zara, on 9th January 2020 2:08pm
500 new homes, min say 750 adults, + ? (500+) children so where are all the extra school places, doctors, dentists and NHS services all coming from?? Never any mention of that but hey its okay they are building a childrens play area!! Before anyone says it all these people coming to live in scalby/scarborough will not be already from here and probably very few already will be living in Scalby.
andyh, on 9th January 2020 3:44pm
The council should only allow permission with the facilities included plus shops too and maybe a McDs
Peter croft, on 9th January 2020 8:31pm
Just a pointer to remind everyone, when a developer submits a
proposal to build the council always looks at ways of getting added value, ie we need a new roundabout here and street lighting etc in the immediate area so the developer offers to pay up
Then the council also receives a kickback of approx £5k per home built, multiply the number of homes built in the borough this is big money which the council allocates on pet projects
It’s already been pointed out that if you increase the resident population this will place demands on services. There are also hidden demands, are all the sewage networks being updated to cope with more volume or are new additional sewers just been added to the existing network, are roads capable of handling more traffic, how does the new numbers of homes add to pollution through greater use of cars but with no alternative public transport.
Whitbyman, on 10th January 2020 1:06am
It’s true the homes are needed , I wonder how many will be sold to residents in the borough, though without the proper infrastructure in place the already overburdened services will just collapse completely. The irony of people in phase one lodging an objection to phase two is brilliant , it’s just typical of some people these days .
zara, on 10th January 2020 10:27am
Planners recommend, hardly surprising they nearly always do for the big housing developments but try to build one and they refuse, it really makes you wonder WHY.
As for the developers/ council Section 106 agreements they are not worth the paper they are printed on. Look at Benchmark and how their £700,000 was taken down to £40,000 for a few road improvements because the poor developer does not have the finances, not sure why has they took millions from us the taxpayers. Someone somewhere is definitely benefiting from all these planning projects and it is not joe public. Not to mention that a lot of these S106 payments can be deferred for many many years, i am sure i saw one for somewhere like 30 years. Its all on the council websites very well hidden though.

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