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No Confidence Motion In Scarborough Leader Heard Today

No Confidence Motion In Scarborough Leader Heard Today

Published by Karen Liu with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 6:01am 3rd January 2020.

A motion of no confidence in the leader of Scarborough Borough Council will be heard today.

The extraordinary meeting was called by the Mayor after five Independent and Conservative Councillors wrote a letter to her.

It was signed by Independent Councillors Bill Chatt, Sam Cross and John Casey and by Conservative Councillors Heather Phillips and Alf Abbott.

Cllr Siddons said:

“I am angry that this unnecessary vote is being held and requires members to attend an extra meeting of Council. 

This vote is about self-interest and interference by unelected individuals and sets a dangerous precedence for democracy.

 I hope that members will see through this attempt to stop progress in making this Borough a more prosperous place to live and work and that I will be allowed to continue with the job people democratically voted for me to do”. 

The group say they are not happy with Cllr Siddons, his decisions, and what they call a lack of communication with members.

They also say he has not been 'open and transparent', which is something he said the council would be when he became leader.

The no confidence motion was proposed by Cllr Bill Chatt who said:

"I think when he spouted on about openness and transparency, that's the last thing we're seeing in the council at the moment.

I think this council is terrible and the leader's not there more than what he is and decisions are being made without really members' involvement.

My issue, one of the big things, is the failure to communicate and the communication has been horrendous.

My overall thing for this would be to have an alliance cabinet, where you would have people from each group; and the person correct for the job standing there to represent this Borough in a very positive way.

I think for me, I think that would achieve better than where we're at any the moment because as a member, I don't get any information from the leader, I get very few emails and when I do respond to him, all I get is a curt answer and I find that terrible."

The move could see the Conservatives or the independents take control of the council.

The motion will be debated and voted upon at a special meeting of the full council this afternoon. A simple majority is needed to decide the motion.

Convention dictates that a leader who loses a no confidence motion should resign.

Should Cllr Siddons lose the vote and step down, a ballot to replace him will be held before Monday’s full council meeting, with those wishing to be on the ballot having to submit their names by Sunday evening.

Should Cllr Siddons resign, potential frontrunners mentioned to the Local Democracy Reporting Service to succeed him include Cllr Chatt, Cllr Cross, former council leader Conservative Derek Bastiman, Independent Group member Andrew Backhouse and current deputy leader and Labour councillor Liz Colling.




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Fileyman, on 3rd January 2020 9:58am
Siddons talks about Democracy.

What about him trying to hide the Argos demolition.

Is that his idea of democracy, hide items.

Get rid of him and let's have some openness and honesty from SBC..
zara, on 3rd January 2020 11:59am
Siddons is angry! How does he think the taxpayers feel with his manipulation of the council committee system so he gets all the say. Even though not a labour voter i had hoped that being local and not national that a labour leader of the council would put the taxpayer first. Just another looking out for his own self interest and has the cheek to knock people who are going through a democratic process to rein him in.

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