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Help for North Yorkshire Residents in Debt

Help for North Yorkshire Residents in Debt

Published by Jon Burke at 9:23am 2nd January 2020.

Citizens Advice in North Yorkshire is urging people to get help if they're in debt after Christmas.

CAB is urging people to contact them if they're in financial difficulty.

The service says Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year.

It's reminding people to ask for help if they're in debt.

The service is offering tips to people who may have over-spent and is asking people to get in touch if they're in financial difficulty.

CAB says the festive period is one of the busiest times of the year for them, with many people struggling after over-spending on Christmas.  

It's also reminding people that asking for help is the first step towards tackling debt.

Jeanette Bovo, from the service, said:

"We don't judge people, we're all human, we understand how these things happen.   There are a lot of pressures on people - I think the type of issues that we get do tend to be quite debt-orientated around January, February and March - the aftermath of the pressure to spend around Christmas.

Once you've sought help start planning for the next year.  Think long-term, put a small amount away per month, budget accordingly and just remember all your priority bills - gas, electricity, rent, council tax - the things that need to be paid ahead of everything else.

Be organised. Write down what you're spending, do an old-fashioned accounts sheet to work out where you're spending your money."

You can contact North Yorkshire's Citizens Advice here.




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