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Plan for New Homes in Scarborough to Be Announced

Plan for New Homes in Scarborough to Be Announced

Published by Jon Burke at 10:36am 30th December 2019.

As part of the Building a Better Borough initiative announced earlier this month, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Steve Siddons, has announced his Decent Homes for Affordable Rent project.

He says early in the new year he will launch details of the Council’s negotiations with three partners, which will come to Full Council for approval.

Cllr Siddons says the Council has been negotiating with two Registered Social Landlord’s and a private provider on schemes to deliver decent and affordable homes for rent and to buy.  

He said:

“For too long, there have been over 2000 people on the Housing Waiting List and that has not changed significantly for a number of years.

This is not acceptable to have Scarborough, Whitby and Filey people without decent affordable homes of a high standard.

This was a key promise in our Manifesto and we have made it a priority.

Early in the New Year we will be announcing the partners that we will be working with and the innovative approach we are taking for land provision. We can then start tackling the lack of decent homes that the Borough has presided over for too long.”


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Peter croft, on 30th December 2019 11:05am
In Whitby there have been over 1000 new homes built in the last few years.
A shortage of housing and artificially high prices caused by second homes has led to a shortage of affordable home, such as the “railway” which is slowly being developed into holiday lets
You can keep building social housing but until you tackle the root cause “second homes” you will not solve the problem as local families will not be able to compete against more affluent people looking to make a quick buck.
Fileyman, on 30th December 2019 11:58am
I look forward to seeing where these houses are going to be.

As everytime we read about a application to build SBC throw it out..

Has Siddons decided to change his plans for the Argos building into affordable flats?
zara, on 30th December 2019 1:04pm
so 2000 more homes = possible 4000/5000 more people on the lists for other services. I noticed one person commented that these people are already on the waiting lists - some maybe but not all. Not to mention that the houses will be in a few areas and therefore increase the weight on the schools, doctors in that area not spread around the area like they are now. There are also people coming in from other areas. Where are all these 2000 homeless now, some with parents/friends, some homeless and the majority i should imagine in temporary accomodation. Maybe if the council had demanded that more affordable housing be built before they let the developers plans through with the barest minimum or none we might be in a better position.
Draclee, on 31st December 2019 3:03pm
where are all the jobs to support these thousands of houses being built

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