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Pharmacies to Support GP's With Appointments in North Yorkshire

Pharmacies to Support GP's With Appointments in North Yorkshire

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:01am 24th December 2019.

People in North Yorkshire struggling to see a doctor can now get an appointment with a pharmacist.

It's part of an extended 111 service and applies to minor illnesses.It  means anyone wanting medical device can call the helpline who will organise an appointment at a Community Pharmacy.

The Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) will see them receive referrals from NHS 111 for minor illnesses - such as coughs, colds, rashes, constipation and headaches – and urgent medicines supply.

Under the scheme, community pharmacies have been established as the “first port of call” for low acuity conditions, as well as reduce demand on urgent care services.

Under the CPCS, an NHS 111 advisor will refer a patient to a participating pharmacy via a dedicated IT system to book an appointment.

The consultation can be then conducted over the phone in certain circumstances or face-to-face if deemed necessary.



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zara, on 24th December 2019 8:50am
another waste of time and resources, anyone with any sense would go visit it their local pharmacy anyway and the rest will see want the doctor!! I was in the local chemists yesterday discussing with the assistants the best medicine for my hacking cough and they were very helpful and thats all i needed. Never yet been to a doctor with minor stuff, even the one time i had flu i just battled through it. The good thing was they consulted with the pharmacist about the prescription i take in which to be honest i never even thought about.

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