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Increase In 'Mad Friday' Calls Expected In North Yorkshire

Increase In 'Mad Friday' Calls Expected In North Yorkshire

Published by Karen Liu at 2:34pm 20th December 2019.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is anticipating an increase in alcohol-related calls as it prepares for today, the last Friday before Christmas. 

The ambulance service is asking the public to drink responsibly as last year on ‘Mad Friday’ (21 December 2018) they took 15% more calls than the average Friday.

‘Mad Friday’ is a popular day for Christmas parties and for many the day they break up from work for Christmas and head out to celebrate with family and friends.

Dr Steven Dykes, Deputy Medical Director at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said:

“Every year we receive numerous calls for alcohol-related incidents that could have been avoided.

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but it’s important the ambulance service is available to those who need it most - for people in life-threatening emergencies.

If you’re enjoying a few alcoholic drinks whilst celebrating over this festive period, please be sensible and don’t ruin your celebrations by ending up in the back of an ambulance.”

You can avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the ambulance service at its busiest time of the year by making sure you:

  • Plan your journey home before you head out. Book a taxi or check the time of the last bus or train.
  • Eat before drinking.
  • Stick to safer drinking levels - consider lower strength drinks and stick to singles rather than doubles.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or water.
  • Look after each other – make sure everyone you’re celebrating with is safe and able to get home.

Heavy drinking can increase the risk of accidents and the likelihood of a rise in A&E admissions.

It can also lead to more break-outs of violence, including attacks and assaults towards ambulance staff.

Steven said:

“Our staff are there to support people in their hour of need. Physical and verbal abuse against any member of NHS staff is completely unacceptable.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and we’re committed to supporting staff who encounter any aggressive behaviour.

We all deserve to enjoy the festive period, including any NHS and emergency service staff on duty.”

If you do require urgent medical help, call our NHS 111 service where an advisor will assess your situation and offer the right medical advice and next steps for you.

Find out how you can ease pressure on Yorkshire Ambulance Service as it faces very high demand this winter by viewing the Trust’s #ChristmasWish messages on their website:

Each year, North Yorkshire Police sees an increase in 999 calls of more than 30 per cent on the last Friday before Christmas.

As part of the force’s Christmas safety campaign, North Yorkshire Police is urging people to take care of their friends throughout the festive period, a message which is being further highlighted ahead of celebrations.

North Yorkshire Police Assistant Chief Constable Annette Anderson has this message for North Yorkshire:

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy socialising and celebrating the festivities safely so we’re asking you to keep your Christmas cheer, keep safe and look out for your friends when you’re making the most of our region’s pubs and bars this season.

Christmas is a time when we think about other people and this is the focus of our messages this year.

Our teams and officers are on hand 24/7 and will be working hard to keep our communities free from crime so please support them by taking care of yourself, your home, your friends, your family and your local area so we can all have a safe and happy Christmas.”

Increased numbers of officers will be patrolling the busy town and city centre streets of the county this evening and police have also been working with licensees to help keep their patrons safe whilst celebrating.

PC Deborah Chadwick is part of North Yorkshire Police’s Alcohol Licensing Unit. She said:

“We are always in close contact with licensees across the region, working in partnership to ensure that the public can enjoy visiting their local pubs and bars in safety.

In the run up to Christmas, neighbourhood teams across the force have been engaging in operations to provide reassurance to both the public and venue owners. One example of this is the loaning of knife wands for use by security staff.

North Yorkshire has a very low rate of knife crime and schemes like this are just one of the ways in which we are working hard to make sure it stays that way.”


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