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TransPennine Express Told it Must Improve

TransPennine Express Told it Must Improve

Published by Jon Burke at 12:44pm 19th December 2019.

TransPennine Express has been told trains running to and from Scarborough and beyond must improve.

The MPs for Filey and Scarborough, Kevin Hollinrake and Robert Goodwill, as well as Transport Secretary Grant Schapps, have told the company that has to happen from next week.

Failure to do halve the number of cancellations by January, could lead to the company losing its franchise for the route.

Kevin said:

"TransPennine Express has a dire record of running this route. It's the second worst-performing franchise in the country and its performance has got twice as bad over the last month - really, really terrible for many commuters and many local residents.

So we need action, they've promised that today and we'll hold them accountable for those promises."

Kevin's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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JohnfromScarborough, on 19th December 2019 3:33pm
Why only "could" rather than "will" lead to the company losing its franchise?.
It has been dreadful this week with many cancellations. All that talk in November of the cancellations being due to the need to carry out staff training for the new trains turned out to be rather hollow as we have now been told that they are only going to be introduced gradually with May now being the target for a full rollout. That is getting on for two years after the original date.
Whitbyman, on 20th December 2019 10:03am
I find it quite amazing that the party who brought in franchising complain so much about it , I agree it’s a terrible service but in the case of the Tory party , be careful what you wish for , you helped create this monster . Why anyone thinks removing TPE will help is beyond me as they’ll still have the same trains , the same number of staff and the same problems, all a new company do is inherit the problem, not solve it . Train companies are huge juggernauts which take months to sort out , sadly for us there is no quick fix .

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