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Leader Announces Plans To Boost Tourism For Scarborough

Leader Announces Plans To Boost Tourism For Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 5:11pm 18th December 2019. (Updated at 5:44pm 18th December 2019)

The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council has announced how there could be a boost in tourism as part of a major project.

It is part of its new strategy called 'Build a Better Borough' and would involve improved tourist information and the opening up of the Town Hall for residents and visitors.

Councillor Steve Siddons said:

“We are launching a full public consultation in the New Year but have been talking and listening to residents and businesses since May.

The first move following those early consultations is a project to start to open up the Town Hall to the public and also see a Tourist Information Hub in the main Town Hall building.

Guest House owners at a meeting at the Bowls Club in October told us how they had been affected by the degrading of our Tourist Information service. We can now start to address that with a Tourist Information Hub.

The Guest House owners also noted their visitors’ other major concern was  the closure of public conveniences, a project we have immediately partly reversed and are now fully reviewing.

The Information Hub will be in the Town Hall building itself, the first of a series of projects to open up the Town Hall to the public. 

The Town Hall belongs to Scarborough People and they have told us they should have access to it."

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zara, on 19th December 2019 7:49am
Not sure how that will boost tourism. You have to find the town hall first before you can find a tourist hub, would be much better in one of the empty shops at the top of town - oh i forgot there used to be one!!
JohnfromScarborough, on 19th December 2019 4:46pm
A super duper website or app would prob be a better way of doing things. It is nearly 2020 after all.

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