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National Armed Forces Day Events To Include Whitby and Filey

National Armed Forces Day Events To Include Whitby and Filey

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 19th December 2019.

Whitby and Filey are set to be included in the national Armed Forces Day event.

Next year on June 27th it will be hosted in Scarborough, but the Borough Council wants to involve all three towns.

Approximately £557,000 will be spent on the event, with the anticipation that it will be offset by sponsorships and Ministry of Defence funding.

Cabinet members approved that money earlier this week.

Councillor Tony Randerson said:

"Initially it is Scarborough as that's where the main event is taking place, but we're conscious we need to involve both Filey and Whitby in the proceedings.

Certainly leading up to the event, we're going to try do whatever we can to ensure things like getting The Red Arrows to fly over both Filey and Whitby as well as Scarborough."

Last month the eight host locations for the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire was unveiled by organisers Welcome to Yorkshire.

There was no bid from Scarborough this time, which has hosted a finish in every race so far.

Scarborough Borough Council said it needs to focus its resources on being the host town for next year's national Armed Forces Day instead.

Councillor Randerson added:

"We were conscious that we'd have been stretched to the limit if we'd actually have done the Tour de Yorkshire and national Armed Forces Day in the same year.

It just wasn't feasible in our view; so we believed as a cabinet and as a council, that we had to concentrate on the national Armed Forces Day.

It's the most prestigous event that Yorkshire's ever held."

He has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

More than 100,000 people are expected to visit the borough on 27th June 2020.

For more information, visit the official Scarborough Armed Forces Day website here: https://www.scarborougharmedforcesday.co.uk/



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zara, on 19th December 2019 7:46am
thats nice of them to remember that Filey Whitby and all the rural locations actually are the ones helping to pay the bill for this! He makes it sound as if he is doing us a favour. Me, i am planning to be as far away as possible from here, its a nightmare on the roads normally in summer this will be 10 times worse. I am sure that people will enjoy it, me, i prefer peace and quiet!

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