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Scarborough MP Warns Councillors

Scarborough MP Warns Councillors

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 11:17am 13th December 2019.

Moments after he was returned for a fifth term as Scarborough and Whitby’s MP, Robert Goodwill turned his attention to the borough council and the independents on the area’s local authority.

Mr Goodwill used his acceptance speech to warn the independents on Scarborough Council who are supporting the Labour administration, that they could face a similar fate as Jeremy Corbyn’s party in the future.

He said:

“In this election, the Labour Party came second in the borough election they came third.

My message to the independent councillors who came second is seriously consider who you are working with, because if you do not represent the views of the people as expressed in this election you may well find you pay the price at the next local election.”

In May, the Labour Party took control of the council despite getting just 13 of the 46 seats with the backing of two Green councillors and 10 of the 14 independents elected.

Last week, one Independent Group councillor, Michelle Donohue-Moncrieff, quit over concerns about how the powersharing with Labour would work going forward.

The Independent Group had picked up an extra member in November, when Conservative Andrew Backhouse defected.


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Fileyman, on 13th December 2019 11:32am
How can Goodwill talk about representing the views of the public.

The public didn't want the main post office closing but Goodwill pushed for it's closure
zara, on 13th December 2019 2:44pm
There is only ONE reason Goodwill got re elected and that is because a lot of people did not want Corbyn and his cohorts in power, nothing to do with Goodwill being popular, far from it. I actually do not know one person who actually thinks he is a good MP but sometimes you have to clench yourself and choose the best option. I am actually in Hollinrakes constituency and against my better judgement voted for him, not because i think he is ideal but because a} the others in my opinion were worse b) the idea of having Corbyn in power dismays me more than Boris.
Whitbyman, on 13th December 2019 4:00pm
His comments show how out of touch with local people he is.
I am surprised though that two green councillors back a council that has the worst record for recycling in these parts, as for the independent councillors they stay that way to cherry pick the best for their wards irrespective of whether or not it harms other areas or voters and whilst we allow Tory and Labour etc to swap sides without an election this will continue. A voter picks a councillor usually on what they and their party offer at that time be it Tory Labour or other , because they like what they say or offer , they don’t vote for someone to jump ship half way through a term of office, if you don’t want to stay in your chosen party , fine, resign and stand as an independent then your truly elected by your ward , or not .

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