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'Warm for Winter' Scheme Adopted In Scarborough

'Warm for Winter' Scheme Adopted In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 7:17am 12th December 2019. (Updated at 10:32am 12th December 2019)

Scarborough residents are being invited to help homeless people or those suffering from the cold.

A scheme using #warmforwinter on social media has been adopted in the town.

People can drop off and pick up things like coats, hats and bedding.

They are being left on the South Bay on the benches under the arches near Olympia Leisure.

Scarborough coats for homeless

Mandy James set it up in Scarborough and said:

"If you want to leave coats, scarves, gloves, anything warm, sleeping bag, duvet, just leave them on the benches and hopefully somebody that needs it will pick it up.

It's been well used; I started it on Saturday afternoon and I drove down there with the bits that I had and I put a few pictures on Facebook and it went crazy really.

It would be great if we could have somewhere that Scarborough Council would provide that we could leave things for people just to go and pick up.

If it really takes off, hopefully the Council will be able to help us with that.

It's just a tiny thing that we can do to help and once word gets round, people can just go down there and leave coats, scarves, gloves and we should do it all year round really."

Mandy has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:

A spokesperson for Scarborough Borough Council said:

“It is always heart-warming to learn of people willing to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Our own staff regularly make donations to The Rainbow Centre, a food and clothing bank in Scarborough that does wonderful work to support the homeless and many other people that need assistance with a diverse range of issues.

Any groups or individuals wanting to make a difference to the lives of those suffering from hardship may wish to consider directly supporting organisations like The Rainbow Centre, which have established networks with those in need.”


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zara, on 12th December 2019 7:31am
not being negative here but we have the Rainbow centre that welcomes useful items like this, the salvation army and other organisations rather than leaving items out subject to the wind and rain.
Tank, on 12th December 2019 8:37am
I was thinking the Council could use an empty shop as too windy to leave outside. But the Rainbow centre not open 24/7

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