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Eastfield School Improved Since Becoming An Academy

Eastfield School Improved Since Becoming An Academy

Published by Karen Liu at 2:34pm 11th December 2019.

A secondary school in Eastfield has seen an improvement, after becoming an academy. 

The Hope Learning Trust took over George Pindar, and Graham School in Scarborough, earlier this year.

Both schools had the highest number of exclusions last year in North Yorkshire.

Helen Dowds, the Executive Principal for Scarborough at The Hope Learning Trust, said:

"The atmosphere at George Pindar is completely different than where we were.

We did a lot of pre-work with the school though before we academised to make sure that the systems we have in the Trust were going to be brought in consistently and robustly; and that's really made a difference.

We do get a lot of visitors coming in and saying 'oh it's not what I expected' or 'it's not what I thought it was like last time'.

A real noticeable difference has been seen."

Helen says a number of reasons have reduced the number of exclusions:

"There's a policy, but that's just the tip of an iceberg. 

It's about training for staff, it's about putting networks of support in place in terms of building up links with wider agencies.

There has also been an increase and changes in staff and staffing models.

At George Pindar, we moved away from a behaviour support model into a head of year model which has had a really big impact.

So particularly, I think I would just emphasise that it's about the training and it's about bringing in the expertise."


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