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Bridlington Road Runners Create Calendar For Charity

Bridlington Road Runners Create Calendar For Charity

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 10th December 2019.

Bridlington Road Runners have created a calendar for charity.

Members of the club have decided to do it in a calendar girl style.

Thomas Fynn, who is the photographer, said:

"It's Bridlington Road Runners how you've never seen before.

We're not muscly, we're not big but it was all done with a lot of fun and there's a lot of laughs in it.

It's the usual tops off, everything off and it's covered strategically with running medals, race numbers, start lines, start posters, our banners, everything's in that you could ever think about with running basically.

The money will be split between two charities; the first one is Smile so that's for children born worldwide born with a cleft palate due to my eldest boy having born with a cleft palate. He had his repaired some time ago.

The other one is for the Macular Society, which is for eyes. So it's for people with degenerative eye problems who are losing their sight. But the ultimate thing is they have to have an injection into their eyes."

Bridlington Road Runners are looking to sell fifty calendars.

Anyone interested is asked to contact the club via their website: or Facebook group:

Alternatively, you can contact Thomas himself on:


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