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Transpennine Apologise for Scarborough Train Cancellations

Transpennine Apologise for Scarborough Train Cancellations

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:01am 9th December 2019. (Updated at 7:08am 9th December 2019)

Transpennine Express has apologised to its Scarborough customers after a spate of cancellations and delays over the last few weeks.

Frustrated commuters took to social media last week to vent their anger at daily cancellations of trains to and from the coast.

The company says weather issues along with the need to train staff on new trains coming in to service next week have caused problems for them.

Kathryn O'Brien is Transpennine's Customer Experience Director and accepts there have been failings.

Kathryn says there have been a number of reasons for the cancellations over the last few weeks.

Kathryn says the company is committed to the Yorkshire Coast route, and that the introduction of new trains and a new timetable next week will help solve the issues.

On Friday morning commuters complained that not only were trains cancelled but that there were also no replacement buses available. Kathryn says that Transpennine have been working on new arrangements with coach companies.

Next weekend sees the introduction of the new winter timetable which will include the use of additional news trains on the route. Kathryn O'Brien believes that will make a big difference.



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JohnfromScarborough, on 9th December 2019 10:21am
This is not good enough. The need for the staff training has been known about for months -years even. The fact that trains have to be cancelled shows that TPE just do not have the capacity to deal with it- or indeed any other event which might occur such a major flu outbreak. There are sufficient platforms at Scarborough for them always (ie throughout the day right up to the last service) to have a train and crew ready to go into action if an incoming train from York is cancelled. Ok, this would come at a cost but it would at least show some commitment to providing a decent service to passengers. And the cost would be offset by not needing to reimburse passengers for a cancelled train.
Whitbyman, on 9th December 2019 12:32pm
Love the idea of train crew ready to swing into action ! Caped and underpants on the outside of uniform perhaps ?
Whitbyman, on 9th December 2019 12:31pm
As TPE are aware and had prior knowledge of this training why wasn’t a coach company employed ? They knew trains would be cancelled so to say sorry isn’t good enough , this is supposedly a professional multi million pound business which should be pro active not reactive. The contempt they treat passengers with is breathtaking, clearly they think we’re all stupid and buy the garbage they spout , it’s not a new issue it’s been happening for years and is it just me but why do trains generally arrive in Scarborough very late or not at all but leave on time and are on time generally to Leeds / Manchester Victoria ? Is the problem too many trains through Victoria and Leeds perhaps?
About time Network Rail got its act together too but that’s another story
Shazzababe40, on 9th December 2019 2:26pm
They acknowledge no trains but when try to get refund the decline you and when appeal they say not enough info. Totally crap just do t want to pay money out. Three times it’s happened to me in 4 weeks
Maria Pollock, on 9th December 2019 11:55pm
On Sunday I was due to get the 14.20 train from Leeds to Scarborough, I found out that the train had been cancelled via the Trainline app! No mention at the station!!! I waited another hour and 15 minutes to get the next one. What no one has apologised for is the over crowding that these MANY cancellations cause. I paid for a first class ticket only to be joined by passengers that had purchased standard class tickets.... who was the fool on that journey... Me! It’s totally insulting for Kathryn O’Brian to keep repeating “Sorry” ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS Kathryn. Some of us rely on these train journeys to get to and from work! For me if I don’t work, I don’t get paid! Every ticket holder that is badly let down by you should be given some sort of compensation! We do not live in a third world country, stop treating your customers with contempt.
JohnfromScarborough, on 10th December 2019 3:52pm
The train work rosters are presumably prepared at least a week in advance. If this reveals a lack of crew to run a particular service from York to Scarborough or vice versa then that is plenty of time for a replacement bus service to be put into place and for this to be advertised so that passengers can plan accordingly. I am not being parochial here –it is only needed at this end of the route as there is no other rail service between the two towns –there are other rail services on the rest of the line. The fact that this does not seem to be recognised by TPE speaks volumes.

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