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Councillors Urged to Refuse Burniston New Homes

Councillors Urged to Refuse Burniston New Homes

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 9:12am 3rd December 2019. (Updated at 9:28am 3rd December 2019)

Scarborough councillors are being urged to refuse plans to build 24 new homes behind a village church.

Elaine Carter Brown lodged outline planning permission with Scarborough Council earlier this year for the development in Burniston, on land off Wandales Drive and to the rear of Burniston Methodist Church.

The borough council’s planning committee will meet on Thursday (5th) to decide on the plans, with planning officers urging that the scheme be sent back to the drawing board.

In a report to councillors, the authority’s planning manager David Walker outlined the reasons the plans do not meet the criteria for approval.

Mr Walker writes:

“The applicant has proposed that none of the 24 units are affordable homes. That, in its own right, clearly represents a sustainable reason for refusing planning permission.”

Under the council’s planning policies 30% of the homes should be classed as affordable.

Other reasons for refusal included the loss of a green space that would impact on the amenity of the area, that there were too many homes for the size of the piece of land and that no Section 106 payment, estimated at £81,000, had been offered to provide extra education places that would be needed if the homes were to be built.

The report also notes that Burniston Parish Council had written to the council saying it “reluctantly” accepted that homes being built on the site was inevitable but also thought that there too many units proposed as part of this application

Councillors will be asked to vote on the plans when they meet.


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zara, on 3rd December 2019 2:27pm
whats the point of a section 106 payment when the council then decide to cancel it (Benchmark £770,000). Dean Road development with 80 houses does not have any affordable ones!!
vintagegirl, on 3rd December 2019 6:46pm
Being that parts of Burniston near this land are already classed as HIGH FLOOD RISK already, and insurance is difficult to source now !! is more housing really a good idea !! I think not

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