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Lowest Life Expectancy in Scarborough Ward

Lowest Life Expectancy in Scarborough Ward

Published by Jon Burke at 9:36am 2nd December 2019.

The average healthy life expectancy for men in a part of Scarborough is the lowest in the whole of North Yorkshire.

A new report shows those living in Castle Ward can, on average, expect to be healthy till they're 53.8 years-old.

The actual average life expectancy for men in the area is 74, according to the research seen by the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

By contrast, the report shows men living in Rudby ward Claro Ward, in Harrogate, on average live without major illnesses till the age of 73.3 years and have an average life expectancy of 87.2 years.

The study says smoking, drinking, obesity and a lack of exercise are the major factors behind the low figures for Castle Ward.

Report author and North Yorkshire's Director of Public Health, Dr Lincoln Sargeant, said:

"Smoking is probably one of the most powerful of those factors, but if you could eliminate them, you could halve the life expectancy difference."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..


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zara, on 2nd December 2019 9:59am
so they mention the smokers, drinkers, over eaters and lazy types well what about the druggies?? There are a heck of a lot of them around as well or do they not count in these so called statistics - wonder how many of them get to 60 never mind 80
Whitbyman, on 2nd December 2019 10:43am
Good study and as ever a waste of money , do these people think anyone cares about life expectancy, life’s about the now and if you enjoy a cigarette, beer or takeaway food that’s your choice .
Obesity was recently reclassified as a disease so I’m wondering how much cash will be spent on that ? Millions on drugs for little effect so will we see free gyms to combat obesity ? Doubtful or will we continue to see obese people ridiculed , vilified and made to feel second class , definitely.
Instead of TELLING us what we should do , how about HELPING us to do it .

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